July Homeschool Freebies

July 17, 2020
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It’s THAT Friday again!  Friday Freebie Time! Time to roll out all the homeschool freebies we’ve been working on for the past month, and share some of our other online homeschool freebie favorites! We’ve got a great line up of free homeschool stuff for this month and we know that you and your budget will appreciate them.

As you’ve let us know many times, you really love free unit studies… and we’ve got two for you this month! A Free Career Exploration Course for your teens wondering about their future, and a free ACT/SAT/CLT College Entrance Exam Guide with a 15 week Test Prep Course! Both of those would work great for an electives line up for your fall high school student!

For our homeschoolers that are just getting started with homeschooling… you’ll want to grab our free Homeschooling and Loving It ebook perfect for helping you take this journey one step at a time!


Free Homeschooling and Loving It Book!
Click here for your free book, Homeschooling and Loving It!


For everyone that is getting started with homeschooling, this book is a gem! You’ll want to download it and get started reading! You’ll find great tips and advice from a seasoned homeschool mom who has been there! This is a homeschooling freebie full of free homeschooling stuff you won’t want to pass up!



Sanity Saver Homeschooling Planner
Click here for your Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner!

Of course, you can’t start your homeschool planning until you’ve nabbed your homeschool planner! And since we love ours so much we want to share it with you! It’s free and it really is a great homeschool planner. This planner includes attendance records, yearly, quarterly and monthly planning as well as your typical weekly planning spreads. And, of course, we know everyone is in homeschool planning mode! Make sure to download both of those and head to Office Max to get them printed in full color (trust me – it’s more affordable than printing them yourself!).



Homeschool Help Printable Pack


Our homeschool printable filled with awesome homeschool help is here! This printable contains a nice printable grade book, back to school themed weekly planner pages (for you or the kids), as well as tips for snacks and organization!





College Entrance Exam Test Prep
Click here for your Free 15 Week Test Prep Course


A DIY 15 Week Free Test Prep Course for your high school homeschooler! This homeschool freebie is super helpful and something you’ll want to do sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until it’s time to take the ACT, SAT, or CLT before you start your college entrance exam preparation! This is perfect for an elective for your high school student.




Career Exploration Course For Teens

This career exploration course from Let’s Homeschool High School is a great option for your high school homeschooler. This course helps walk your teen through their option and helps them see where their strengths may lie. Perfect for an elective for your middle schooler or high school student.



Homeschool High school Planning Tools
Click here for your free High School Planning Tools


These tools are absolutely indispensable for homeschooling high school. These homeschool printables include a grade book, report card, credit planner, and credit guide. Visit Let’s Homeschool High School for even more great homeschool free stuff.




Christian Character Training Series: Dependability, Determination
Click here for your Christian Character Training Ebook


This set of homeschool freebies is perfect for teaching character to your K-8th grade homeschool students. This series is still ongoing, but you can easily click and print the workbook that also has parent teaching tips and student workpages.




A2Z Stem Fair


The A2Z Online Homeschool STEM Fair is back! Join us for the second year of our Online Homeschool STEM Fair! Get the kids learning and ready to enter to win prizes! Use the free Get Inspired Workbook to help your homeschooler brainstorm and start their project!”






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