September Homeschool Freebies

September 18, 2020
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Guest Author

It has been quite the start to the new homeschool year, hasn’t it? I’d say it’s about time for some free resources to spark motivation, right?! We are always so excited to start the new year, but as the assignments and projects shift into full swing, the routine can feel draining. When that happens, it’s time to change gears and focus on what we LOVE about homeschooling! And I have to say, what is more exciting than homeschool freebies?! We have some amazing options for you this month to remind you WHY you love homeschooling!

The Homeschooling and Loving It Book

This is your chance to get this book for free! This book has helped hundreds of homeschool families get started with a solid foundation and meet the ever-changing challenges of homeschooling!

Homeschooling and Loving It Book

Study Skills Roadmap for Success

Don’t miss this month’s podcast Tips for Improving Memory and Study Skills. You’ll want to download the free roadmap for success!

Study Skills Roadmap

September Homeschool Printables

Don’t miss this month’s set of beautiful homeschool printables. Enjoy a calendar that’s definitely wall-worthy and a journal printable that will motivate your student to write out their thoughts each morning.

September Homeschool Printables

Customize Your Learning Plan Workbook

The best homeschool years are unique and customized! Use this fun workbook to help you customize a learning plan that makes learning exciting and fun!

Customized Homeschool Plan

Homeschool Science Stem Fair

Join A2Z Homeschooling for the second year of their FREE Online Homeschool STEM Fair! Get all the information PLUS free printables to help your homeschooler get started today! The last day to enter is Oct. 3rd, 2020!

Homeschool Science Stem Fair

First Day of Homeschool Printables

Start the homeschool year out with some fun with our these FREE first-day printables!

First Day of Homeschool Printables