Earth Day Time Capsule – an Interesting Activity

April 12, 2017
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Guest Author

Earth Day Time Capsule is a guest blog post written by Deborah Lee Rose/


Earth Day Time Capsule Montage


Time Capsule Activity

Time capsules can cover a calendar year like 2017, or capture a special day like Earth Day. In 2017, Earth Day 47 will take place on Saturday, April 22. From now until then, you can collect items to create an Earth Day time capsule, with the activity Create Your Own Time Capsule. Gather items like photos of endangered species—will they still be endangered when you open your time capsule?

Include a piece of something that can’t be recycled—will there be a recyclable version in years to come? Save an article about the environment—will it still be true in a year or even five years from now? You can also add things like postage stamps with Earth themes, and photos of yourself helping clean up the environment. Talk about what you’re including with your family, friends and classmates. Then seal your capsule and mark it to be opened on a future Earth Day, maybe Earth Day 50 in 2020!