April Homeschool Freebies

April 17, 2020
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Guest Author

Home? 10 Fun Freebies for You!
Staying at home has us all wondering two things.
First of all, what day is it?
Secondly, what in the world are we going to do?I’m not sure I can be there to help you remember the day… but I can pass on some amazing stuff that will help you as you teach and work at home! There is so much awesome stuff available out there right now – that it’s almost overwhelming. We have no shortage of fun stuff to add to our home learning- the problem is just sifting through to find the good stuff! Which is why we’ve written several articles on field trips and free stuff that you can keep as a handy reference. And of course, grab this month’s round-up of free downloads as a token of our appreciation for you!

Free Online curriculum for 30 Days
30 Day FREE www.etap.org
Includes all K-12 grades & subjects + Test Prep College entrance exams + Assessments + Records + Translator + SUCCESS for all students including underachieving, Special Education & ELL students. eTAP may be used as a complete homeschool program or as a supplemental. Please see our success stories here and eTAP key staff here.
FREE Online K12 Curriculum for 30 Days!
Free Sanityu Saver Year Planner
FREE Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner
New to homeschooling? Been homeschooling a long time? Either way, we all need a plan! And not just any plan, but a plan that is flexible and works with our unique family needs!
FREE Sanity Saver Planner Full year Printable!
Family having fun with physical excercise
FREE Bond Together Videos
Fun interactive physical exercises and mental health skills for kids (and Moms and Dads) to do while staying at home.
Access FREE Physical Excercise and Mental Health Videos Here!
Keep Learning Checklist
FREE Keep Learning Checklist
FREE Keep Learning Checklist!
Free Homeschool Help Printable Pack
FREE Homeschool Help Printable Pack
Looking for a grade book? Ideas to keep your day flowing? This Homeschool Help Printable Pack is perfect for giving you a helping hand!
FREE Homeschool Help Printable Pack!
Free Secular Homeschool Planner
FREE Secular Homeschool Planner
This planner has a unique yet simple layout making it easy to use in your daily homeschool planning!
FREE Secular Homeschool Planner!
Free Homeschool Schedule checklist
FREE Homeschool Schedule Templates
FREE Schedule Templates Download!
Free Homeschool and Loving it! Book
FREE Copy of Homeschooling and Loving It!
Don’t miss this one! Homeschool.com has made this entire book available to everyone for free. Perfect for helping the new homeschooler and giving insight to the experienced homeschooler. Grab your copy today!
FREE Homeschooling and Loving It Download!
Gilr on a couch enjoying a virtual reality filed trip
Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids
Click Here to Find FREE Virtual Field Trips!
Free book on CoronaVirus for kids
FREE Coronavirus Book for Kids
Looking for a gentle way to explain the Coronavirus to your children? This book handles it tactfully and opens the door to deeper communication.
FREE Coronavirus Book for Kids!