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by homeschoolers. 2016 Seal of Approval Blog’s 101 Things To Do This Summer list is chock-full of educational and fun things to do.  Maybe your kids will be interested in some of the following –

Have a cannonball competition with your friends. Read the following link and you just might win!

Decorate your flip-flops. Be creative!

Learn to hula hoop and discover the science behind it!

Make a kaleidoscope!

Visit a lighthouse. You don’t have to be on the ocean to do so. There are 680 lighthouses in the United States!

Make flower cupcakes. Yum!

And did you see – our 101 Things To Do list is actually 103 this year!  So this list is chock-full of extra fun!

And here is the link to our FREE Planner – .

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