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PlayTape – a FUN Product Your Kids will LOVE

3 August 2:00 pm
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Do you have a little ones that LOVE toy cars?  Yes?  Then they’ll LOVE PlayTape!

I received a box of PlayTape – all covers – pink, orange, purple, black – and MORE – and my kids went wild for the product.

I have to admit, I did too!  I appreciated that it was re-usable, and never left a residue.

Heh kids – want to drive your cars on my coffee table?  No problem!  On the kitchen counter?  No problem!

Maybe you’ve heard of PlayTape. It’s been in the news a lot, and has won a bunch of awards – even a Back to Homeschool Award!.


PlayTape picture - child playing with PlayTape

FYI – You can see all their products here –

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