June Homeschooling Printables

May 28, 2020
Written by:
Jamie Gaddy

It’s time again for you to grab your monthly printable calendar!

Perfect for hanging in your homeschool room or using with your Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner. Our team at Homeschool.com is creating a monthly printable calendar each month this year to coordinate with the copy work ebook and free online journal printable that you see below. Make sure to check back each month to download your monthly printable calendar or online journaling page.

Free Monthly Printable Calendar

Homeschooling Calendar for June
Click here to print the calendar.

We’ve designed this month’s free monthly calendar with an inspiring quote that doubles as a bookmark. This multi-purpose monthly calendar is easy to download and print. If you want to use the bookmark simply cut it off! All pages coordinate with the other monthly printables that you’ll find at Homeschool.com.


Free Journaling Printable Page

Christian Homeschooling Journal Page
Click here to print the journal page.

If you’re a Christian homeschooler, we’ve got another beautifully designed homeschool Bible journal printable for you! Don’t forget these pages match our Free Copy Work eBook pages as well and they make a perfect pair in your homeschool! We’ve really enjoyed making these beautiful homeschool printable pages! We enjoy using them in our own homeschool, and are so happy we could share them with you. We suggest that you print out 29 copies using the front/back of the paper (that’s only 15 sheets) and then binding them together with something fun. For the older kids, we’ve chosen to print these pages smaller and when we go to print we simply choose 2 on a page. This makes it print with two copies of the journal on each face of the paper.  Then we have some fun…we’ve punched a few holes along the edge and ran ribbon through and knotted them. We’ve also just stapled at the top, or you can simply put them in a 3 clip paper binder. We’ve also made beautiful monthly journals by coloring a cover page for the month and then binding them all together. Whichever method you choose to create your journal we’re sure it will be amazing!


How to Begin Journaling

It’s easy to start journaling. Your homeschooling students learn the benefit of journaling by writing short segments daily. Reflecting on one’s experiences and thoughts through journaling can have many personal rewards. The consistent practice of writing is what is most important here. Even the very young students can focus on retelling what they did during the weekend or the previous day (which they love to share) while middle and high school students can be asked to reflect more deeply in their journal writing. It’s a personal and sometimes emotional way to encourage children to share their thoughts.


Why is Homeschool Journaling so Important?

Homeschooling copy work
Click below to print the free copy work book!

I have heard it over and over, journaling is a habit that will prove a positive impact on your life, one that would serve us well to encourage in our young ones. As someone I heard recently said, most of our lives are spent fulfilling the requests of others or taking care of work and other things that are required of us. Yet, when journaling it’s freeing to open up about our thoughts and intents and those things that are not accountable to responsibility or assignment.


Some things journaling can do:

  • Journaling brings out the things that are in our hearts and allows us to process them in a good way.
  • Journaling can fulfill great emotional needs and help heal wounded hearts.
  • Since we aren’t inhibited by what people think when we write our thoughts, journaling can be freeing for our creativity.
  • If we use journaling to build and strengthen our faith, it’s a perfect way to start the day off right!
  • Journaling also helps you to create and fulfill goals.


Want to Grab the Matching June Copy Work Printable Page? It’s in the Copy Work ebook.

Download the Writing Truth Free Copy Work ebook below!

Jamie Gaddy

Jamie Gaddy, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. has been a college education professor for over 17 years. Education has been a part of her life in both the classroom and as a principal. Six children later found her dissatisfied with traditional school and homeschool became the better fit. She is also a pastor’s wife, editor, and entrepreneur who now homeschools four of her six children in Georgia. Jamie loves to share about her homeschool experience to help other homeschoolers find success. Connect with her at [email protected]