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Are Your Goals Broken? Reset and Recharge!

14 January 5:09 am

A new year is a new opportunity to set some goals for ourselves! Wipe the slate clean and forget about the past! Right? If…

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Writing Truth: Scripture Writing for December

4 December 3:31 am
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Why use Scripture Writing? New to Scripture writing? It’s a great way to incorporate copy work into your homeschool, or…

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Meet Our Virtual Homeschool Conference Speakers! (Part 1 of 2)

3 December 10:49 am
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Are you as excited about the upcoming Mid-Year Switch Virtual Conference as we are? Sometimes, it’s hard to get into something…

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STEM – Holiday Science!

30 November 6:27 am

The holidays are a perfect time to change things up a bit in your homeschool! Whether you’re thinking of doing a homeschool…

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Holiday Homeschool Ideas: Lapbook Study!

28 November 6:00 am

To break or not to break - that is the homeschooling question of the season! By not taking a break, you may finish the school…

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Making the Mid-Year Switch to Homeschooling

26 November 9:43 am
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This post is sponsored by Time4Learning. Wow, you decided to make the switch to homeschooling this year -- congratulations!…

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

23 November 6:30 am
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Now that the holidays are fast approaching, you're probably thinking about what to buy for your loved ones. What do you buy…

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Keep the Learning Going: Holiday Prep is a Family Adventure!

20 November 4:53 am
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The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming! You can almost imagine Paul Revere on his horse riding through the streets…

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Abraham Lincoln Resource Collection

19 November 10:48 am

Just who was Abraham Lincoln, anyway? You probably already knew he was the 16th president but did you know he was also a…

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