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14 August 4:01 am
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Tips for Success in Online Courses

Sponsored post by Straighterline You’ve signed up your student for online courses -- maybe even self-paced, college-level…

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16 July 5:47 am
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Animal Writing Prompts for Elementary Homeschoolers

Did you know that more than a third of babies’ first words are names of animals? The wild kingdom seems to fascinate us…

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13 July 5:59 am

Help Your Teens Set Their Life’s Direction

Does your teen feel totally lost when thinking about what he or she will do upon graduation? For many teens, the high school…

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11 July 6:26 am

Hybrid Homeschools: A Movement of the Future?

Let’s face it: there are definitely times we want to throw in the towel on homeschooling and totally call it quits. These…

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9 July 5:53 am

8 Essential Time Management Skills for Homeschoolers

Time-management is an essential skill that’s a must-have regardless of your social status, occupation, and portfolio. No…

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6 July 6:04 am

Homeschool High School for Free: Language Arts

Research papers, classic literature, critiques, essay writing, grammar, and college prep vocabulary are all part of a high…

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4 July 5:43 am

How to Teach Toddlers to Read

Toddlers are so much FUN at this age! They’re truly absorbent little sponges that soak up everything around them whether…

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2 July 5:54 am

Homeschool High School for Free: Math

Does high school math make you wanna pull your hair out? You’re not alone! For many, this is the dealbreaker in their homeschooling…

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30 June 12:22 pm
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College Alternatives for Homeschoolers

With the unbelievably high cost of a college degree, it isn't surprising that many young people are turning their backs on…

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