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Thanksgiving’s Traditional History

15 November 5:35 am

Can enemies set aside differences for the benefit of all? In some cases, yes, and that’s what took place at the first Thanksgiving…

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Preschoolers + Parents + Play = Magic

18 October 8:58 am
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Sponsored post from Get Ready 4 Kindergarten How do young children learn? By trying things out through the filter of their…

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Mole Day Study Tips

16 October 7:07 pm
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Mole Day? Nope, not a furry mammal... No, not a sauce from Mexican cuisine…  and, nope not even Guacamole (which is amazing…

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Homeschooling Christian – Nancy’s Story

12 October 1:10 pm
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Why We Homeschool When I was pregnant with my son I did tons of research on EVERYTHING. The one thing that I researched…

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Get Writing with Fall Writing Prompts

12 October 4:37 am
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Sponsored post by Time4Writing.com Autumn is finally here! As the days get shorter and colder, the colors on the trees…

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10 Ways to Study Fire Prevention With Your Kids

5 October 3:11 pm

Fire prevention is such an important topic to discuss with kids. Most in-home fires are caused by accident, and the majority…

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Make Your Own Space Exploration Unit Study!

4 October 10:00 am
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Space. The final frontier... or is it? The study of space, otherwise known as astronomy is a field of study that is nearly…

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Share Your Favorite Book!

3 October 11:15 am
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Head over to our contest page and share a photo of the cover of your favorite book!  When you share - you are automatically…

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3 STEM Experiments to Kickstart Your Homeschool Year

29 September 5:11 am

Each school year brings with it the ability to try new things and have new experiences. Last year, we brought you a new STEM…

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