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MARCH 2, 2017

Rebecca Recommends

  The Book That Made Possible by's Rebecca Kochenderfer Twenty-two years ago I was working at a job that I didn't like and that wasn't a good fit for me. I…

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MARCH 1, 2017

Brain Breaks That Boost Your Homeschool Kid’s Ability to Focus

This is a guest blog post from - have you visited recently? Brain Breaks That Boost Your Homeschool Kid's Ability to Focus Brain breaks allow children to be the best…

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FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Carla Sonheim – The Art of Silliness

    Artist Carla Sonheim was featured in a newsletter, that was published on December 19, 2016. If you didn't get a chance to read it in December, you can see it here. Carla…

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FEBRUARY 27, 2017

Great Courses Plus!

[caption id="attachment_12346" align="aligncenter" width="200"]    The Great Courses Plus[/caption] There are a lot of reasons to homeschool, but very rarely does anyone ever say, “I’m…

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FEBRUARY 24, 2017

FREEBIE FEBRUARY – Just a Few Days Left!

  As they say, "All good things must come to an end".... and FREEBIE FEBRUARY is no exception. Tuesday is the last day. If you haven't checked FREEBIE FEBRUARY out, please do so now,…

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FEBRUARY 23, 2017


  Forcefiled offers a FREE 30 Day Trial - Manage/Monitor Your Kids' Online Activity.     Plus, there are LOTS of other free trials, samples, downloads at's…

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FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Enter to Win – a CalcuPak!

    You can enter to win a download of CalcuPaks from School Made Simple - as part of's FREEBIE FEBRUARY event!   CalcuPak 1 includes all the guides, drills,…

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FEBRUARY 21, 2017


Win a copy of the book Aunt Lotti's London - as part of's FREEBIE FEBRUARY event!   Enjoy the adventure that offers an advantage. The Picaresque of Imagine Purple…

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FEBRUARY 20, 2017

Test Your Homeschooler’s Presidential Knowledge

  Test Your Homeschooler’s Presidential Knowledge This Presidents’ Day, test your knowledge of the leaders of our land with this fun, 10-question quiz! From previous professions…

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FEBRUARY 17, 2017

President’s Day

  President's Day is Monday, February 21.  Usually, we associate President's Day with President Washington and President Lincoln.  Why not teach about a more current President this…

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