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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Enter to Win an e-Explore Package from The Adventurous Mailbox

At's FREEBIE FEBRUARY event, you can enter to win an e-Explore package from The Adventurous Mailbox!  (The Adventurous Mailbox is also offering a physical book give-away as…

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FEBRUARY 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day

  Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. For most, it is a day where people send gifts, valentines and special thoughts to their loved ones. For last-minute…

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FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  What Valentine(esque) acts of kindness can you and your kids perform?  Maybe you can make Valentine's Day cards for your elderly neighbors?  Bake and deliver…

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FEBRUARY 9, 2017

WIN FREE Daddy, I Want to Read Books

  As part of's FREEBIE FEBRUARY event, you can enter to WIN FREE Daddy, I Want to Read Books from Vanguard Education. And if you're interested, you can read a product…

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FEBRUARY 8, 2017

Check Out the IKOS Toys Raffle!

  Have you seen the IKOS Toys raffle over at our FREEBIE FEBRUARY event?  FIVE CREATOR SETS are available to WIN!   The IKOS 3D Building Toy Creator Pack is a great way to…

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FEBRUARY 7, 2017

Book Raffle – Last Passenger Train to Newfoundland

  Enjoy the adventure that offers an advantage. The Picaresque of Imagine Purple is a fun, mystery book series with a sly, educational fiction twist. These books improve reading skills…

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FEBRUARY 6, 2017

The Adventurous Mailbox Raffle

    Kids will receive an exciting package from abroad containing eight adventure books introducing world cultures. Kids will also find a personalized invitation to join the Adventurous…

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FEBRUARY 3, 2017


  Have you seen all the GREAT FREEBIE FEBRUARY raffles?  MANY books are up for grabs! Raffles from School Made Simple; The Adventurous Mailbox; IKOS Toys;;;…

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FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Punxsutawney Phil

    It's February 2nd - that means it's Groundhog Day! As legend has it, on February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil (from Punxsutawney, PA) comes out of his burrow and predicts the weather…

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FEBRUARY 1, 2017


    WooHoo!  FREEBIE FEBRUARY at begins today!  Please tell everyone you know (really!), about all the great freebies that have posted today, and all those that…

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