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12 November 4:14 am
Posted By Guest Author

Don’t Miss Our Holiday Events – Time is Running Out!!

Mid Year Switch Virtual Conference Disappointed with the direction your child’s education is headed? Are you stuck in…

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3 November 4:08 am
Posted By Rebecca Kochenderfer

Don’t Forget Your Homeschool Goals!

First Things First! Start with WHY? Think about the different learning styles that work best for each of your individual…

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19 September 5:35 am
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

Homeschooling: Unrealistic Expectations vs. Reality

When you started homeschooling did you imagine the perfect learning scenario? One where all your children wake up and start…

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20 August 8:21 am
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

How to Start Homeschooling

Whether you're just beginning to homeschooling or are in your 15th year, every year can be different. Life happens, kids…

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27 July 5:05 am
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

How to Use Vision Boards to Refresh Your Homeschool

Are you the type of person who thinks big but has difficulty following through?? Great ideas come easy, but you just can’t…

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