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Top Ten Homeschooling Books

So You're Thinking About Homeschooling:
Fifteen Families Show How You Can Do It
by Lisa Whelchel
Confused and intimidated by the complexities of homeschooling, many sincere parents never get past the "thinking about it" stage.  Now Lisa Whelchel - herself a homeschooling mother of three - introduces fifteen real families and shows how they overcome the challenges of their unique homeschooling situations. This nuts-and-bolts approach deals with common questions of time management, teaching weaknesses, and outside responsibilities, as well as children's age variations, social and sports involvement, learning disabilities, and boredom. Seeing a wide variety of successfully homeschooling families in action will give parents the confidence to make their own dream of home-based education a reality.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas:
500+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Kids Ages 3-12

by Linda Dobson
As a homeschooling parent, you're always looking for new and creative ways to teach your child the basics. Look no longer! Inside this innovative helper, you'll find kid-tested and parent-approved techniques for learning math, science, writing, history, manners, and more that you can easily adapt to your family's homeschooling needs. And even if you don't homeschool, you'll find this book a great teaching tool outside the classroom. You'll discover fun and educational activities for kids ages 3 to 12, including how to:

  • Create maps based on favorite stories, such as Treasure Island or The Wizard of Oz
  • Make letters out of French fries as an alphabet learning aid
  • Explore architecture by building igloos, castles, and bridges with sugar cubes and icing
  • Review spelling words by writing them on the sidewalk with chalk
  • And many more!

This comprehensive collection of tried-and-true—and generally inexpensive—ideas provides the best-of-the-best homeschooling activities that can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

Homeschool.com' s Homeschooling for Success

by Rebecca Kochenderfer and Elizabeth Kanna
Homeschool.com's book, published by Time Warner and written by the founders of Homeschool.com, Rebecca Kochenderfer and Elizabeth Kanna is now available!  This cutting edge book includes personal stories from Homeschool.com's virtual community, helpful resources and empowering wisdom to help parents create a superior education for their children.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

coverThe Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Grace Llewellyn
"The Teenage Liberation Handbook" is undoubtedly dog-eared and sitting on a close bookshelf of every veteran homeschooling family. Grace Llewellyn presents good reasons for teens to "drop into life," by leaving school and reclaiming their natural ability to learn. The book is filled with great advice and personal stories like how to design a real-life education, how to find volunteer positions, and how to get into college without going to high school. The Handbook was written with teens in mind. Yet, its message is true for all ages of homeschoolers; self-taught and self-directed children are our future leaders and entrepreneurs.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

coverDumbing Us Down:
The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
By a former New York state "Teacher of the Year," Gatto's book should be read by every parent in America before they blindly send their children to school. The author asserts that the true goal of childhood learning should be to discover the special gift each child has, and that passion and enthusiasm will lead to other learning pursuits. His assessment of conventional schooling and what type of citizen it produces is a wake-up call for anyone concerned about the future of this country.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

by Diane Flynn Keith
What if you suddenly had extra time to help your child learn, AND your family had more fun at the same time! You do if you get CarSchooling. Written by Diane Keith, a well-known homeschooling advocate, columnist and homeschooling parent. CarSchooling has over 350 entertaining games and activities that can turn wasted car time into learning time. Packed full of engaging activities and recommended resources in an easy-to-use format, this book will never collect dust on your bookshelf! With CarSchooling, your six-year old will improve her reading skills, your 10-year old will improve her math skills, your teen will remember how much fun it is to play a game with mom and dad, and your family will giggle all the way home. More than just improved academics, your family will create incredible memories that will last much longer than your car trip. Get this book before you begin your holiday travel adventure.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

coverThe Unschooling Handbook: How to Use the Whole World as Your Child's Classroom
by Mary Griffith
Mary Griffith and thousands of other unschooling parents believe that learning is as natural to children as breathing. If allowed to pursue their own interests, children will cover all the subjects taught in school. And, more importantly, they will continue to love to learn and explore their world. Filled with advice from other unschooling families (parents and kids), "The Unschooling Handbook" should be on hand for the inevitable days when you wonder if your kids are really learning. All homeschooling families, whether they use a curriculum or not, will find inspiring reasons to let their children have some freedom in how they learn.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

coverThe Homeschooling Book of Answers: The 88 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices
Edited by Linda Dobson
Linda Dobson enlisted the help of the most respected voices in the homeschooling community. Every question that new and veteran homeschoolers could ever have is answered is this book. In the Introduction, after detailing how she collected this information from around the country, Linda Dobson writes: "You now hold the results in your hand: 500 collective years--half a millennium--of thoughts, observations, philosophies, tips, and personal stories that can lead you to the personal-empowerment of homeschooling." What is genuinely interesting about this book is that while you look for answers about homeschooling, you will find that homeschooling is a way of life and that each family's journey is different.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

coverDeschooling our Lives
Edited by Matt Hern
The review of this book by Pat Farenga, president of John Holt Associates and publisher of Growing Without Schooling Magazine says it all: "Deschooling Our Lives is a terrific overview of all the things people are doing instead of sending their children to conventional schools. Most importantly, it is a collection of electrifying essays which challenge our assumptions about education. Read this book to see how you can live and learn with your children without committing them to a twelve-year sentence of schooling."
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

coverThe Successful Homeschool Family Handbook: A Creative and Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling
by Raymond & Dorothy Moore
The Moores, who are considered to be the "Grandparents" of the homeschooling movement, use personal experience and extensive research to show readers how to educate their children at home with low stress, low cost and great success. Part II: Homeschool Stress: Prevention and Remedy, is covered better here than in any other homeschooling book on the market. The Moores have helped thousands of parents successfully homeschool their children and their book is a must-read for all homeschooling families.
This book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

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