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New! Problems Learning?
Does your child have problems learning? You can learn how to use these tests to assess your child's learning needs and to teach him or her some learning skills so as to strengthen their weak areas. Three different tests for ages K-3, grades 3-8, and grades 6-9. Learn more about these tests at: http://members.rogers.com/jason53.

New! TeensRead.com
Electronic books now available for loan. All the classics needed for your English Literature curriculum are at the teensread.com elibrary. Read anywhere, anytime on your computer, laptop, PDA, or cell phone. No return required - books expire automatically. Over 500 titles and growing! Check us out!
Web: http://www.teensread.com/

Keystone National High School
Keystone National High School offers homeschoolers individual courses or a complete accredited diploma program!

The Homeschool Learning Network
HLN offers daily thematic units, a homeschool search engine with 20,000 child-safe links, and a curriculum library with reviewed resources. Join now for holiday thematic units! Each unit offers content and 5-8 detailed lessons with worksheets and activities! Join in on message boards, chats and collaborative projects! HLN is an affordable enrollment program, with a 3-day trial membership. View our editorial calendar, or learn more about our features!
Web: http://www.homeschoollearning.com

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