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    Hello, my name is Francesca. My 5 year old son has been diagnosed with PTSD and ODD and currently goes to a special school. In this special school he is sent to a “cool down room” when he is misbehaving. On friday the bus dropped him off at the road without me even out of my apartment building and told him to run to mommy. this scares me as after getting off the bus he ran through a parking lot and 3 buildings down to our house. nothing happened but it has me worried. besides that we have these respite workers that come to our house and they have told me that my son says he doesn’t like his new school and wants to go to his old school. he doesn’t like the “cool down room”. I know that he is not supposed to like everything, but I think maybe he would do better, succeed more, in an environment that he likes. I am thinking of homeschooling him and have no idea how to go about setting that up. I thought he was getting more help at his “special school” but apparently it is just a school where they put hard to handle children….any help would be appreciated. thanks.desperateinny39737.2499421296



    Here is my two cents worth on this-been there, done that. My son is autistic (asperger’s syndrome) and he started in PS. It was horrid so in 3rd grade, he went to a special school. At first it was ok. He was in a class with all children with developmental disabilities. As he got older, he was then put in classes with children that had varying issues-abused kids, sexually abused kids, kids with behavioural issues due to family problems etc….(these kids need help also and I feel for them) My son started picking up language and phrases that were horrible. Some of the kids were very “socially savvy” and my son couldn’t deal with it. While this school had many wonderful staff members, not all were that good and it was basically a dumping ground for many kids that the PS didn’t want to deal with.

    My son’s behaviour got worse and worse over the 4 years he was there until he was spending HOURS each day in what was called the “crises room”. I was getting phone calls everyday, several times a day. The academics were much lower there and my son was not learning especially sitting in the crises room for hours each day. I had thought of homeschooling him back when he was in 3rd grade and was talked out of it. I wish I had done it then. I am now going to be homeschooling him starting in Sept.

    My advice is that if your son hates it, hates the cool down room, is not being properly supervised with the bussing situation and you have a bad feeling about all of this-pull him now and homeschool. I wish I had done it years ago before my son had regressed. There are many ways to get started and folks here have loads of info to share on homeschooling.

    Best of luck, Ann



    I been there. The bus dropped my 6 yr old at the time off at our house with no lights being on. We were at the end of the driveway. We couldn’t get up the driveway until the bus came down. When we got up to the house I opened my door and I heard my son from outside of our house screaming his head off. My husband immedialty called the bus garage. The driver was wrote up. You need to report that driver. Do not except that at all. I t takes less than two seconds for a child to be snatched. You living in an apt complex, you have know idea who else lives there to. Perverts are everywhere. My child will go with anybody if offered the right thing. “ABSOULTY UNEXCEPTABLE.” Sorry if spelling if off, spell check isn’t working right now.momwithdisabled39736.3338657407



    My son has now been diagnosed with many things: PTSD, Asbergers, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, ODD, and others. He is still currently going to that school, but we are moving and he may be placed in another school that I hear is much better. But as pointed out he is learning many worse behaviors from school, and although he is top of his class seems to be behind his brother who is 2 years younger. I am interested in homeschooling and would like to know what I would need to do so I can start the process now. Any help with this is much appreciated. Thank you.

    P.S. I did report it to the bus garage, and it has not happened since. 🙂

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