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    My 6 yr. old is giving me such a hard time with school. Some days I do not even get anything done because of bad behavior. Other days she is compliant. Today was horrible. She just wasn’t co-operating. I then tend to believe that I should just discipline her. My oldest is very good at this time. I just feel bad because when this happens she doesn’t get my attention enough. Any suggestions?
    Then my oldest is learning her facts, but I am having a hard time with teaching them to her. Anybody have any ideas they used for their kids? She has such a desire to learn, but want to know if I’m doing it right. Thanks!



    It would be helpful if we knew what you’re using (which you may have told us before, but a reminder would be good).



    Oh I’m using the Logos Classical Math 2 for my oldest child. Its a challenging book, but my daughter loves it. By the end of the book they have them memorize their multiplication tables through 12.



    It is possible that your two children have very different learning styles and that may be causing much of your conflict. I used to think that it was more discipline but the longer I have homeschooled, the more likely I am to first consider if I need to use a different approach.

    You might try checking this out and see if you “see” your younger child in there somewhere:
    If you do, she really may need a different approach. Some children can only handle so much “being taught” and need an approach that allows them to learn and discover for themselves.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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