Newsletter 24: Do You Have What it Takes To Homeschool?

Curriculum Corner

What’s the Best Homeschool Curriculum?

Most homeschoolers agree - this is really a subjective question. Different families have different criteria for deciding what’s “best.” The criteria one person may prioritize aren’t necessarily the things another family...

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Inspiration Station

Yes, You Can Homeschool

Do you want to homeschool... but there’s just something holding you back? What keeps you from homeschooling? For some parents, it’s a lack of courage or a belief in themselves. For others, it’s all the data...

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Organization Station

Scheduling Curriculum for the Year

Do you get as EXCITED as we do when homeschool curriculum shows up at your doorstep? Looking at everything in person is so much fun! But then, why do you suddenly feel a little overwhelmed once you have...

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Tick Tock Time Management

Tips for Senior Year

Most likely, your high school SENIORS intend on having the best year possible! After all, they’ve waited three years to finally call themselves seniors which means graduation is just around the corner!...

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