Joe Romano

Joe Romano

The Use of Therapeutic Music &
Homeschooling—a Perfect Combination!

Joe Romano is the creator & musician behind the CD Dreaming in the Land of Can and the audio tale The Kingdom of Should. His therapeutic music has been proven to help promote deep and relaxing sleep for anyone who has trouble falling asleep including people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In addition, short term listening of the Land of Can recording can help eliminate disruptive behavior before and during the learning process by helping children integrate their senses including auditory (how the brain processes information it hears), visual (how the brain processes information it sees), and proprioception (knowing where their body is in space so they can react appropriately to incoming stimuli). The Kingdom of Should also provides a therapeutic soundtrack designed to promote relaxation and learning. In is an engaging story that captivates and inspires children, and encourages them to appreciate diversity, explore characters, and share feelings. The story provides glimpses into autism, diversity, bullying, a gluten free diet, behavioral optometry, optometry, and music therapy, and it encourages further exploration of these topics. The Kingdom of Should helps promote hands on, real life, interactive learning for children who are homeschooled.

In his interview, Joe explains how you can take your homeschooling from ordinary to extraordinary by incorporating therapeutic music into your routine. Joe is offering a special price of his products for readers. Just visit or

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