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Discover Your Child's Natural Instincts

Kathy Kolbe was selected by Time Magazine in 1985 as one of seven American "new pioneers" was named by the White House as one of the fifty Americans with a "can do" spirit. She works with major corporations as a team-building consultant and also authored two books.

Kathy developed an index for children (ages thirteen and over) that can determine a child's natural instinct. Kathy believes that genius lies in a person's natural instincts.

The Kolbe Y index is a tool that can help you obtain a better understanding of your role in nurturing your child's natural talents.

Discover your child's  special instincts today!

Kolbe A(tm) Index
Measures your instinctive method of operation which allows you to be most productive and satisfied.

Kolbe Y(tm) Index
Youth version of the A index for 13 year-olds and above. However, once you have some job experience, the Kolbe A index is more appropriate.


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