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Starting a Family Book Club

Starting a family book club is a great way to encourage and inspire reading with children of all ages. This article shares tips for getting started right away!

Books That Teach Character

Helping your children build good character? These books that teach character traits are an excellent resource for homeschool character training!

Sarah’s Homeschool Story!

Interested in hearing how other homeschoolers make it work? Join Sarah as she shares her homeschooling story.

Homeschooling Unit Studies

One of our favorite homeschooling methods is the unit study method! This method is a mastery-based approach that incorporates multiple subject areas around a central theme or topic. What are Unit Studies? Simply put, unit studies are time-based overviews of a specific topic that bring together multiple subject areas into one study plan. These units […]

Guide to Homeschool Graduation!

Your homeschooler is now a senior and the year is ending soon. Need ideas for planning a graduation and making it special for them? Read more for inspiration!

Meet our editor… Jamie Gaddy

A special homeschool mentor… our very own Jamie Gaddy. Jamie is the host and editor of Jamie has had the privilege to be an influential member of the educational community through the development of college-level distance learning programs as well as training teachers that serve on mission fields around the world, but her shining […]