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How to Teach Homeschool Music Lessons

Playing an instrument is fun and beneficial for children. As homeschoolers, you may be uncertain how to find quality lessons. We have the answers for you!

How to Homeschool the Distracted Child

Worried about how easily your child is distracted? Find 7 ways to keep your child focused and away from homeschooling distractions. Read on for tips...

Am I Qualified to Homeschool?

Concerned about your ability to teach your children?  Do you question whether you have the knowledge and skills? Read on to find out why you shouldn't worry!

Insight School of Washington

Insight is an accredited, tuition-free public school online option, specializing in the needs of struggling students. An individualized learning plan is developed using evaluations, interests, and career aspirations and with input from families and staff. Parents can access grades, teachers, and a counselor to monitor progress. Curriculum is developed by K12, and features interactive, easy-to-navigate […]

The Benefits of Unplugging More Often

Homeschooling is a courageous step that many parents and carers decide to take. It has its own benefits, such as having complete autonomy over what your kids are learning. However, it’s possible that you could start to rely heavily on technology to deliver daily lessons and keep your kids engaged. Although this isn’t a bad […]