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Nuclear Science Unit Study & Printables

What do we know about nuclear science?  What do we still have yet to learn? That’s why we have created this unit study!  Welcome to Nuclear Science Week!

Earth Science Week Unit Study & Printables

Earth Science Week is an annual event and we couldn’t be more excited to share our unit study on earth facts and geology with you as a free homeschool science resource!

Writing Milestones for Every Grade Level!

At the beginning of every school year, it’s a great idea to create writing milestones for your children. Check out our milestones and see how they can help your homeschool!

Episode 10: Homeschool Methods Part 3

Hello and welcome back to Episode 10 of the Homeschooling and Loving Podcast. Today we’ll be finishing up our series on the different homeschooling methods. We’ve already covered a lot of ground, and if you are interested in listening to our previous conversations go back and listen to part 1 and 2 which can easily […]

Episode 8: Homeschooling Methods Part 1

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Episode 8 of the Homeschooling and Loving It Podcast – today we’re starting our series on Homeschooling Methods and Philosophies. Have you ever nailed down what type of homeschooler you are? Did you know that your homeschool method can affect everything you do in your homeschool – so it’s super […]

Coding for Summer Learning

If one or more of your kids have a natural inclination toward technology and computers, the summer may be a good chance for introducing computer programming.

8 Summer Montessori Inspired Activities

    The Montessori method stands apart from other teaching methods because it teaches children to become in charge of their own education by being self-directed, hands-on and playful all at the same time.  It gives children the ability to do things on their own, which helps with responsibility, organization skills, planning, executing and problem-solving. The […]

Episode 6: Tips for Buying Homeschool Curriculum

Hello again! Welcome back to Episode 6 of the Homeschooling & Loving It Podcast! We’re so glad you decided to join us again! Below you’ll find the show notes that I hope will help you find the curriculum that will make this year amazing! SHOW NOTES Tips for Buying Homeschool Curriculum Not sure where to […]