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Pros and Cons of Homeschool Testing

“Close your books and clear your desks – pop quiz!” How many times did you hear that when you were in school? Did those words make you cringe? If so, you may have bad memories of quizzes and testing in general and may have sworn them off for your homeschooling kids. Is that the best […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Homeschooling This Year

This post is sponsored by Time4Learning. After ringing in the new year and celebrating the holidays, you may feel a bit energized and ready for the best year yet! But before you start, sit back and contemplate how your homeschooling experience unfolded over the past year. Review your notes, speak with your children, and evaluate […]

Homeschool Buyers Co-op Product Review

Homeschool Buyers Co-op Product Review SUMMARY Grades: Pre-K-12 Subjects: All Category: Can find Religious or Non-Religious resources Format: Online shopping Price: Free to join the co-op Visit the website here. How to Use Homeschool Buyers Co-op The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a resource for purchasing various curricula and homeschooling resources! By joining the club, you’ll […]

Taking Care of Yourself – Self-Care is Family-Care

Taking Care of Yourself – Self-Care is Family-Care Rebecca Kochenderfer When is the last time you stopped and asked yourself if you were doing alright? As parents and homeschoolers, we spend the majority of our days helping others.  We plan nourishing meals, seek out curriculum our kids will enjoy, drive to activities and playdates—and WE […]

Quick Facts about Homeschoolers and College

Many people think that homeschoolers are not prepared for college. According to research by the National Education Association, most people are concerned about the effectiveness of a homeschool curriculum and the lack of socialization. However, the facts prove that homeschoolers are often even more successful in college than other students. Many professors note that homeschoolers […]

Keep the Learning Going: Holiday Prep is a Family Adventure!

The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming! You can almost imagine Paul Revere on his horse riding through the streets shouting a warning of the upcoming holiday season! So much to do, so little time that it’s easy to let the learning time slide a bit … BUT, we can keep the learning going […]

How to Enter the Military as a Homeschooler

It’s important that we always remember to pay homage to our heroes, especially our military heroes. They’ve voluntarily decided to put their lives at risk to protect our country! What if your homeschooled student wants to become one of these heroes? Can homeschooled students enter the military? Does the Military Accept Homeschoolers? In short, absolutely! […]

Do We Need a Dedicated Homeschool Space?

“Do We Need a Dedicated Homeschool Space?” Staying organized is a key aspect of ensuring success in your homeschool, but where to start? We know that not everyone has the space for a designated homeschool area but, don’t despair! If you don’t have room for a dedicated homeschool space, making an area work “double-duty” is just […]

2019 Virtual Homeschool Conference

    We all know transition can be intimidating. Whether the change you need is a brand new start with homeschooling or a homeschool curriculum switch, we’re here to help you find the information you require! Our homeschool virtual conference sponsored by a partnership with A2Z Home’s will give you a chance to explore […]