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Organization & Time Management for Homeschoolers

Organization & Time Management for Homeschoolers When asks homeschooling parents what their biggest challenge is, the overwhelming response is: 1) finding enough time to do it all, and 2) how to motivate the kids. In this article we’ll give you some ideas on how you can organize your home and your schedule so that […]

Summer Was Made for Writing

Sponsored post by Time4Writing. Homeschool mom, Alexa, got her son’s standardized test scores back at the beginning of April. She became concerned when she realized that his reading and writing scores were almost 15% lower than they were this time last year. The report showed that his biggest drops were in areas of grammar such […]

How to Learn a Foreign Language at Home

How to Learn a Foreign Language at Home The idea of homeschooling has its fair share of grand issues to contend with such as socialization, pedagogy, and personal values but it also faces smaller, yet equally important challenges during the process. One of the most common is subject matter. Most parents feel comfortable with the […]

Memorization Tips for All Subjects Using Mnemonics to Improve Memory

Memorization Tips for All Subjects Using Mnemonics to Improve Memory Why does our memory not always work?  We asked that question of Jim Sarris, a veteran teacher and author of two books on memory strategies: Comic Mnemonics for Spanish Verbs and Memory Skills Made Easy. We thank him for his time and advice.  Our discussion was very enlightening […]

Spotlight On: Language Arts

Does the thought of homeschooling language arts make you cringe? For many parents, this is the one subject they either excel at or despise. It’s so all-encompassing which means it’s important to have a well-rounded curriculum program and a solid plan for teaching it. How can you make sure you’re giving your homeschooler everything he […]

Your Child Learned to Read. Now What?

Guest post sponsored by Time4Learning There are certain milestones when it comes to your child’s academic achievements, but few surpass the triumph of when your child first learns to read. Do you recall that proud moment when your child began reading independently, and the bittersweet moment when he/she was the one reading the bedtime story […]

4 Things Elementary Writers Need to Master Before Middle School

Guest post sponsored by You know that feeling where you turn around twice, and your infant is suddenly walking and talking? Then you turn around again a couple times, and your toddler is writing letters and sounding out simple words? That phenomenon doesn’t end once your student is in the school years – – […]

Motivating Your Students in the Hard Things

Finding motivation in the last few months of the homeschool year can often be difficult. Join us in this month's homeschooling newsletter for advice on how to restore motivation!

The Moore Homeschooling Formula    The Moore Formula Ask The Moores Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore are professionals known around the world; he for reorganizing colleges and universities and for establishing highly-successful work-study programs; she as a world class curriculum and reading authority; and both as child specialists who shared in the founding of modern homeschooling. Dr. Raymond [...]

Unschooling High School and College Advice    Frequently Asked Questions About Unschooling High School and College with Alison Mckee   Alison McKee began unschooling her two children over twenty years ago and from their family's experiences wrote the book "From Homeschool to College and Work: Turning Your Homeschooled Experiences into College and Job Portfolios." She has written numerous articles on [...]