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Why Learn Web Design?

Why Learn Web Design? is a guest blog post written by Chris Yust, from Homeschool Programming, Inc.

2017 Back To Homeschool Awards

As homeschoolers, we're always looking for super curriculum, great courses, supplemental material, and more - especially during the Back to Homeschool season. So, staffers researched different homeschooling products, curriculum, and websites, to come up with our Back to Homeschool Awards list.

We Don’t Homeschool for Religious Reasons

We Don’t Homeschool for Religious Reasons This post was originally published on the BookShark blog.   Homeschooling has come a long way in the last fifteen years. It used to be that most homeschoolers were educating at home because of religious reasons and mostly kept their children hidden at home—concerned that too much exposure to […]

Understanding Learning Styles

Learning styles or even learning preferences addressed in the right way can make or break your homeschool. Read on to find out more.

Homeschool Summer Goal Setting for Peace of Mind

Homeschool summer learning is about individualized learning. It's our chance to seek and create environments to meet the specific learning needs of our kids. An understanding of how your child assimilates information can help guide your selection of activities and learning materials to help optimize the experience. For more homeschool summer learning ideas look here.

A 1912 Exam Taught Me What I Know About Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

  With one foot in childhood and the other entering adulthood, eighth grade is a pivotal time. Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be nerve-wracking when you realize that eighth grade can set your child up for success or hold him back. I found inspiration for my son’s curriculum choices in a very odd place—a 1912 eighth grade […]

Handpicked Summer Resources Just For You!

Summer and homeschooling – there are so many options. As many options as there are families! Because of this, has published our Summer Resources Awards list – handpicked gems from companies that understand the importance of continued summer learning opportunities and experiences.

6 Ways Online Learning Makes Study More Interesting for Children

6 Ways Online Learning Makes Study More Interesting for Children There’s no denying the fact that everyone approaches studies differently. Some kids dive into their books with enthusiasm while others avoid them. It all boils down to building interest in studying, rather than treating it as a chore or burden. Online learning has been making […]

The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents – Chapter 3!

Interested in learning more about The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents?  Well, here is Chapter 3!  Enjoy!   Creative Ways to Organize Your Home and Car for Summer Learning “When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.” – Alexandra Stoddard   Most likely, some percentage of your child’s summer […]