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What to Do When Your Homeschool Curriculum Isn’t Working

I love the new year! I love having a chance to reminisce…to look over the past year and pull out the precious memories, the keepsakes… and treasure them! But that also includes your homeschool curriculum… is it a keepsake? a treasure? But I also love the new year because I can look back at our […]

Episode 20: What To Do When Your Homeschool Isn’t Working Out

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER   We’re so glad that you could join us on this wonderful day. But maybe your day isn’t going as wonderful as you’d like it to? Are you struggling with homeschooling this year? Are things just not working out as you envisioned? Today we’re going to […]

5 Benefits of Game Schooling

Game schooling simply acknowledges the learning benefits that children can acquire through playing games.  After all, we tend to learn more when we are having fun and enjoying ourselves!

Episode 10: Homeschool Methods Part 3

Hello and welcome back to Episode 10 of the Homeschooling and Loving Podcast. Today we’ll be finishing up our series on the different homeschooling methods. We’ve already covered a lot of ground, and if you are interested in listening to our previous conversations go back and listen to part 1 and 2 which can easily […]

How to Homeschool with the Eclectic Method

Eclectic method of homeschooling is a mixture of various approaches. This philosophy utilizes a combination of approaches to find what works. Read on to find out more!

Do We Need a Dedicated Homeschool Space?

“Do We Need a Dedicated Homeschool Space?” Staying organized is a key aspect of ensuring success in your homeschool, but where to start? We know that not everyone has the space for a designated homeschool area but, don’t despair! If you don’t have room for a dedicated homeschool space, making an area work “double-duty” is just […]

2019 Virtual Homeschool Conference

    We all know transition can be intimidating. Whether the change you need is a brand new start with homeschooling or a homeschool curriculum switch, we’re here to help you find the information you require! Our homeschool virtual conference sponsored by a partnership with A2Z Home’s will give you a chance to explore […]

Which Homeschool Curriculum is Best?

“Which Homeschool Curriculum is Best?” Are all homeschool programs equal to one another? Absolutely not! In most cases, they do all cover the same concepts. But, the order in which they do so and the way the material is presented is what makes them unique. With so many choices, how can you choose the one […]