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Top 4 Laptops for Homeschoolers

    Top 4 Laptops for Homeschoolers – This is a guest blog post from Alpha Omega Publications Whether it’s time for an update or you’re making the move to computer-based curriculum for the first time, purchasing a computer as a gift is a great way to make your homeschooler’s day with an exciting new […]

Pizza Math and Homeschool Science

From trendy pizza trucks to gluten-free crust, and that all-time favorite – plain cheese – pizza is a must-have meal for millions. Turn any pizza party (real or pretend) into tasty math and science with activities. What Is Pizza Made Of? By now, you’ve probably been told all pizza is totally bad for you. But, is […]’s 2013 Gift Guide: Top Educational Gifts

The following have been selected as's Top Educational Gifts for 2013. They have been chosen by staff, and by our many Product Testers. Thank you everyone for all of your input! When recommendations came with an explanation, we included the explanation as well—as we realize the more information you have, the better! Educational...age appropriate...and fun—our Gift Guide for 2013!

Whittling – an Easy How-To

Adventurous kids tend to also be talented, artistic kids, who enjoy creating things and working with their hands.  That’s why wood whittling is not only a pleasant past time for many, but it has spanned generations.  It’s the type of activity that grandpas have taught their grandkids while spending a quiet evening on the front […]

2013 Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards readers have voted and the following companies have been voted as Top Homeschooling Curriculum for 2013—and right in time for the back to (home) school season! Please take a moment to review the companies listed alphabetically below—after all, they've been named the best of the best! We're sure you'll see many you'd like to incorporate into your homeschooling efforts this year. There's something for everyone—music, art, history, math, tutoring, life skills, and much, much, more.

International Travel and Homeschooling – A Great Combination

International travel provides opportunities for incredible learning experiences.  Through travel we learn about other cultures, lifestyles, languages, unique and beautiful geography, history, politics and current events, art and more.  Because of this, international travel isn’t just for adults – our kids benefit as well! There are numerous options for families when it comes to traveling […]

Six Tips for Camping Success

Catching a fish in the nearby lake….walking the forest to find the waterfall….roasting a marshmallow and telling ghost stories over a roaring fire….these moments bear camping memories that last well into adulthood.  Camping is an experience that includes the entire family and works for all ages. If you are a novice to the sport, consider […]

The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know About Homeschooling

When parents first consider homeschooling their children, there is so much for them to contemplate and learn that it can be very overwhelming. Before deciding to move forward with homeschooling, parents will read many articles about the how's and why's; they will learn about different homeschooling approaches, available curriculum, how to set up a homeschooling space, and companies that can help parents create a successful homeschooling year for their children. has put together a list of the 10 most important things parents need to know about homeschooling to help you in your homeschooling endeavors, or to pass-along to new homeschoolers.

Quality Interactive Online Curriculum

One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is that the learning environment does not have to emulate the traditional classroom setting. Yet many parents start their homeschooling experiences with a traditional textbook and worksheet format because of its familiarity. The good news is that there are offerings that allow students to learn while breaking away from the methods that feel stale to today's students.