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Sumdog Homeschool Curriculum Review

Sumdog is a game-based learning platform that is perfect for homeschoolers needing drill and practice in math, spelling, and grammar. Read more for our homeschool curriculum review of Sumdog.

Homeschooling and Autism

People homeschool children on the spectrum every day; in fact, some believe homeschooling to be the best choice. One mom shares her experiences.

Parent Hub

What You Need if You Are… A New Homeschooler An Experienced Homeschooler Homeschooling Elementary Homeschooling Middle School Homeschooling High School Homeschooling Special Needs If you’re one of the millions of new homeschooling parents, welcome! Find practical homeschool solutions, free homeschooling tools, and help with finding your rhythm below. Resources for a New Homeschooler Guide to […]