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Homeschooling and Autism

People homeschool children on the spectrum every day; in fact, some believe homeschooling to be the best choice. One mom shares her experiences.

Parent Hub

What You Need if You Are… A New Homeschooler An Experienced Homeschooler Homeschooling Elementary Homeschooling Middle School Homeschooling High School Homeschooling Special Needs If you’re one of the millions of new homeschooling parents, welcome! Find practical homeschool solutions, free homeschooling tools, and help with finding your rhythm below. Resources for a New Homeschooler Guide to […]

Getting Started

How Do I Get Started Homeschooling? Maybe you’re on the fence, or maybe you’ve had to jump in, and now you’re trying to get started homeschooling. Maybe you’re ready to dig deeper and really develop your homeschool knowledge. Whatever your reason, we’re here to be your personal guide to how to get started homeschooling! We […]

2021 Top 100 Educational Website Awards

Discover The Top 100 Homeschool Educational Website Awards! A powerful tool to help homeschooling families plan their homeschool studies and discover new online educational resources!

How to Purchase Your Homeschool Curriculum

Ready to start homeschooling, but just not sure where to find the right homeschool curriculum? This online quiz is the perfect starting place, take it, narrow down, and find your best homeschool resource options.

Free Online Virtual Schools

The costs of homeschooling a teen add up. BUT - accredited high school education doesn't have to break the bank! Learn about free online high school here!