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Getting Started

How Do I Get Started Homeschooling? We’re here to be your personal homeschool guide! Maybe you’re on the fence, or maybe you’ve had to jump in, and now you’re trying to get started homeschooling. Maybe you’re ready to dig deeper and really develop your homeschool knowledge. We know you’ve got questions that beg to be […]

2021 Top 100 Educational Website Awards

Discover The Top 100 Homeschool Educational Website Awards! A powerful tool to help homeschooling families plan their homeschool studies and discover new online educational resources!

College Admissions Requirements

College admissions are starting to evaluate portfolios and transcripts as an alternative to SAT/ACT scores, which may be good news for homeschoolers. Learn more here!

How to Purchase Your Homeschool Curriculum

Ready to start homeschooling, but just not sure where to find the right homeschool curriculum? This online quiz is the perfect starting place, take it, narrow down, and find your best homeschool resource options.

Free Online Virtual Schools

The costs of homeschooling a teen add up. BUT - accredited high school education doesn't have to break the bank! Learn about free online high school here!

MyKey Plans Online Portfolio

MyKey Plans is a structured online resource where special needs students can create and update their own portfolios. They use workbooks to learn and grow their portfolios through high school. After their graduation, these portfolios are designed to allow students to explore their hopes and dreams in life.

Gemm Learning Online Program

Gemm Learning offers innovative and comprehensive programs for students with special needs. Gemm Learning programs are self-paced, with a computer game feel. Typically used 3-5 days a week, 30 minutes/day, Gemm Learning service includes a baseline assessment to start, regular coaching calls from a support team, and weekly reports and incentives for students.