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Child Diagnostics Courses

Child Diagnostics provides student paced three semester hours of graduate credit per course for teachers, nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists who are looking for recertification. These courses can be completed at home and help the student better understand the needs of special needs and struggling learners and how to better address their needs.

How to Teach Homeschool Science

Does your child think science is boring? With the right resources, you can bring science alive and it might even become a homeschool favorite! Learn how!

How to Homeschool: Questions Answered

How do you homeschool? How does homeschooling work? How long should you homeschool? Read on to find the answers to these homeschool questions and more!

Top Questions About Homeschooling

Q&A About Homeschooling Your Child How do I get started homeschooling? Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states. In fact, you could conceivably start homeschooling today. Just check with your state laws. Homeschooling is an easy process and one that over two million have gone ahead and prepared the way for you! However, as it […]

United Art & Education Homeschooling

United Art & Education provides materials needed for homeschooling including CDs, DVDs, flash cards, games, puzzles, magnets, manipulatives, notebooks, journals, workbooks, resource books, reading tools, science kits, microscopes, maps, globes, and other products that would assist your homeschooling needs. United Art & education also cater towards Special Needs providing fidgets, fine motor, and gross motor […]

State Homeschooling Laws

Wanting to start homeschooling but aren't sure what your state requires? Read on for information about your state's homeschool laws.

How to Find Your Homeschooling Method

Your homeschool method should be as unique and individual as your lifestyle! Use the various typical homeschooling styles to help you formulate your own as you are getting started homeschooling!

Carson Dellosa Curriculum

Carson Dellosa has something for everyone. They provide resources for both classrooms and homeschoolers. They believe a student can learn from anything and everything whether it is crafts or curriculum. Carson Dellosa also has materials for special needs students.