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Motivation Tips: Make Virtual Field Trips a Part of Your Home School!

Posted By Volunteer Contributor Kimberly Smith When I think about a field trip, I think about touring a city with a guide walking and talking about the buildings and history while we soak in the richness of the day. While that makes for a great field trip a virtual field trip can be that and […]

Wholesome Books List – Elementary

Last month, we talked about how important reading aloud is to children. Since the focus in that post was early readers, this month we wanted to provide you with a list suitable for children to read independently or to have read to them. These are some great titles, and all are wholesome. Perfect for elementary-aged […]

What’s in Your Curriculum Bag this Season?

What’s in Your Curriculum Bag this Season? By Jamie Gaddy Some of you may be saying, “Nothing!” Which is what many homeschoolers do during the holiday season, (and don’t beat yourself up about it.) We homeschool to enjoy our freedom, and if it’s best for your family to take off during the holidays – then […]

Abraham Lincoln Resource Collection

Just who was Abraham Lincoln, anyway? You probably already knew he was the 16th president but did you know he was also a statesman and lawyer? As president, he also led the country through the Civil War, preserving the Union, abolishing slavery, strengthening the government, and modernizing the economy. During the Civil War, Lincoln delivered […]

Which Homeschool Curriculum is Best?

“Which Homeschool Curriculum is Best?” Are all homeschool programs equal to one another? Absolutely not! In most cases, they do all cover the same concepts. But, the order in which they do so and the way the material is presented is what makes them unique. With so many choices, how can you choose the one […]

Animal Writing Prompts for Elementary Homeschoolers

Sponsored post by Did you know that more than a third of babies’ first words are names of animals? The wild kingdom seems to fascinate us almost from birth with its diversity, harmony, and entertainment value. Is it any wonder that so many children’s books feature one or more animals and that plush animal […]

Summer Homeschooling: Tips to Use Now!

Are you ready for a fun-filled summer of learning? Shhh... the kids don't have to know. Read more for tips on how to make summer learning loads of fun!

Spotlight On: Language Arts

Does the thought of homeschooling language arts make you cringe? For many parents, this is the one subject they either excel at or despise. It’s so all-encompassing which means it’s important to have a well-rounded curriculum program and a solid plan for teaching it. How can you make sure you’re giving your homeschooler everything he […]

How Women Changed History

For decades, women have made great accomplishments in history but it wasn’t always this way. Even further back in history, women were forbidden to vote or even obtain an education! Although women were making great public strides by the late 20th century, they still did remarkable things behind the scenes before that time. Read on […]

The Moore Homeschooling Formula    The Moore Formula Ask The Moores Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore are professionals known around the world; he for reorganizing colleges and universities and for establishing highly-successful work-study programs; she as a world class curriculum and reading authority; and both as child specialists who shared in the founding of modern homeschooling. Dr. Raymond [...]