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FEBRUARY 7, 2018

Prakash Nair – How to Optimize Your Homeschooling Space

3. Prakash Nair – How to Optimize Your Homeschooling Space

Did you know that homeschooling is more about the physical space you provide your kids and less about the curriculum you choose? Homeschool curriculum is important, of course. But even more important are the spaces where your children learn. For instance, the school building – with its brick and mortar structure, desks and classrooms – actually works against learning. How so? Because the human mind wasn’t designed to sit back in a desk and just be a passive (20th century) learner. In the 21st century, we’re changing things up and we should be tapping into different homeschooling styles.

But just what are these different homeschooling styles and how do we make the most of them? In this interview with Prakash Nair, Rebecca Kochenderfer asks Nair the questions on all our minds: how do we set our homes up for optimal learning for our children? Nair gives us a sneak peek into his own home by showing us several pictures of his son engaging in learning activities (with and without mom or dad). Nair then goes on to explain his thoughts on having a “schoolroom” in our homes. The takeaway? Sit back, relax, and say “Everything will be okay!”

Podcast Highlights:

1:55 – How your physical environment affects learning – why the school building works against learning and what research shows our children need for optimal learning.

4:55 – Learning modalities – What are they, why are they critical, and how will our children benefit from our learning about various homeschooling styles?

8:57 – How to set up your home for optimal learning – a sneak peek into Prakash Nair’s home setup (with pics!).

16:00 – Prakash’s thoughts on having a classroom in your home – why a classroom setup in the home may not be the best for homeschooling families.

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