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Homeschooling Printables for Parents Printables-preschool

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101 Things To Do This Summer

Summer Boredom-inator

Summer Boredom-inator (Weekly)

AlphaBetter® Alphabetizing Skill Drills - Written by a homeschool dad, AlphaBetter® builds amazing speed in dictionary skills. Changes looking words up in the phone book or dictionary from fright to fun. Today, thousands of homeschoolers use AlphaBetter! Print AlphaBetter sample sheets and try them out with your kids.

Printable AlphaBetter Sample Sheets

Beginning Band Project — A Guide To Success

Bravewriter - Parent and student resources that foster and develop writers who feel comfortable expressing their thoughts on paper. www.bravewriter.com

The Writer's Jungle
Teaches the homeschooling parent how to teach writing
Poetry Teatime Quick Start Guide
Poetry + Tea + Treats = Enchanted Learning and Magical Family Time

CalcuLadder® Math Drills - Written by homeschool dad, Dr. Ed Myers Ph.D., a rocket scientist with NASA. CalcuLadder builds speed and accuracy from basic addition all the way through pre-algebra. Over a million homeschoolers have used CalcuLadder! Print CalcuLadder sample sheets and try them out with your kids.

Printable CalcuLadder Sample Sheets

Homeschool.com - Homeschooling & Loving It - For more information about the Homeschooling & Loving It book, please click here

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Homeschooling FAQ's

Getting Into My First Choice College

The Custom Home Learning Plan

The Easy 3-Step Scheduler

Pioneer Drama Service

ReadyWriter® Penmanship Drills - Illustrated by a homeschool mom and dad, ReadyWriter® Penmanship is used by thousands of homeschoolers worldwide! ReadyWriter drills portray scenes from Farmer Brown's farm, with a brief, fun story to set the context. Children complete visual elements in the scenes, practicing stylus skills, handwriting, and eye-hand coordination. Try out ReadyWriter sample sheets with your kids.

Printable ReadyWriter Sample Sheets

StateHistory.Net offers complete state history courses on two levels (My State History Funbook for age 4 – grade 2 and State History from a Christian Perspective for grades 3-12). In addition, we offer a history-based study of all 50 states in order of statehood on two levels (Fifty States Under God, for grades 3-12, and Fifty States Under God for Young Learners, for age 4 – grade 2) and a geography-based study of all 50 states in order of statehood (Geography of the Fifty States, for grades 3-12). Samples appropriate for this category are included below.

Tips for Teaching Your Struggling Student

We Bought a Zoo

Film Companion

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