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I'm In It! eBooks Ages 0 - 8


I'm In It! eBooks creates personalized books for kids to read on iPad, NookColor, Android and on any PC or MAC. I'm In It! eBooks encourage early childhood reading, problem-solving and vocabulary building.

Within their pages your child can be the star -- the star of her own story! Little readers can choose to be a science sleuth, a pirate, a prince, a mermaid and more.
I'm In It! eBooks are available in English, Spanish and French. What a great opportunity to teach your student another language.

There are currently six books available from 
I'm In It! eBooks , including The Yeti, where the reader must save his/her town from the Yeti; and First Day of School  where your child attends an underwater school for the first time.

The process of creating the books is easy. Just choose the book you want , the desired language, and then enter information about the child star such as name, nickname, gender, etc. Books download immediately. If a book is purchased as a gift, you can enter the recipient's email address and they can download it themselves.

Each book costs only $3.99, with an additional $1 if you want to customize the character to look more like your child.

What a great way to encourage reading!


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