The Reading Game’s Product Reviews

The Reading Game – Ages 4+, $24.95, This is a review of The Reading Game First Edition. The Reading Game now offers a new enhanced edition. To find out more about the new, enhanced edition click here.

The Reading Gameis great for new readers, ages 4 and up, and great for children with special needs. The game consists of six illustrated story books, six decks of matching playing cards, and a Teacher/Parent’s Guide (whew–that’s a lot of things)! The cards and books work together to make learning to read an enjoyable experience–and a pretty quick one too!

Each of The Reading Game’s six stories is told using just thirty new words–broken down into six sets of five words.  The student learns to read each set of five words by playing a simple word matching game. A video of the game can be seen here.

When the sixth book in the series is completed, the student has a reading vocabulary of 180 words. Of the twenty-five most commonly used English words, twenty-three have been covered; and of the fifty most commonly used words, forty-two have been mastered (hopefully).

Plus, The Reading Game offers FREE pre and post sight word assessment worksheets and test sentence worksheets which help evaluate and assess your child’s progress and vocabulary word retention. These can be found on the Educator’s Page of 

The first book in The Reading Game learn-to-read series tells the story of a skunk without a stripe. The skunk is rejected by the other skunks but finds acceptance among cats and becomes their defender.  It has a positive message, is told in rhyme, and has fun illustrations. You can hear a pre-K child reading her first book ever (the Skunk book) here.

The Reading Game receives a lot of positive press, and homeschoolers sure like it–their testimonials can be found on this page. We certainly liked it as well!

Plus, The Reading Game is just $24.95. That includes books, games, and a parent’s guide. Considering the game includes so much–and teaches your child to READ–what an amazing value! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the author of the game is Kenneth Hodkinson, the author of the widely used vocabulary text book series Wordly Wise. Pretty cool!