Spirituality for Kids

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Spirituality for Kids (SFK)- Preschool – 13yrs — Free Online Curriculum

Spirituality for Kids (SFK) is an online educational program that teaches children universal, spiritual principles. The program aims to:

  • develop a sense of purpose in children
  • encourage kids to reflect on their actions and understand the impact of their choices
  • provide kids with a true motivation to be sharing people
  • have children see challenges as opportunities
  • help children develop self-worth
  • help children develop a desire to make a difference in the world.

To accomplish the above, Spirituality for Kids presents The Game of Life via a series of video lessons. “Life is Like a Game” is the central theme of the program, and includes the following:

  • There is an ultimate goal–in the Game of Life, the goal is to achieve spiritual fulfillment.
  • There are rules to the Game of Life.
  • There are two players–the players in the Game of Life are the two inner voices–your True Voice and the Opponent Voice.
  • There are challenges–challenges are comprised of something hard to overcome or do that can lead to reactive feelings and behaviors. They are opportunities to help us become the best we can be.
  • We all have a spark of Light (the source of all positivity, strength, clarity and certainty) inside of us. This source is always available to us.
  • We can choose to listen to our True Voice at any time.
  • Sharing is powerful and makes room for us to receive more.
  • We are all connected. Our choices affect everyone, not just us.
  • Actions big or small create change and make a difference.
  • Change begins with me.
  • And MORE!

Regarding the lessons–each video lesson is supported by a variety of fun activities (which might include short animation skits, art projects, games, journaling, and more) which reinforce the information in the video, and which are designed for various learning styles.

Spirituality for Kids is a completely self-paced and flexible program and you, as the parent, can determine the amount of time needed for each lesson. Between the lessons, Spirituality for Kids encourages you to incorporate the concepts into your daily life. As a bonus for parents, the program features “Spirituality for Parents“, a weekly blog filled with parenting consciousness and inspirational tips.

The effects of the Spirituality for Kids curriculum have been evaluated by the RAND Corporation in a large-scale research study that revealed the program’s beneficial effects on children in nearly every domain tested including adaptability, social skills, leadership, communication and study skills. In addition, Spirituality for Kids also won a number of awards including the —

  • National Parenting Publications Awards, Honors Winner, Virtual Category.
  • International E-Learning Association, Academic Division, Blended Learning
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

As homeschoolers–many of us want to teach subjects like this to our children. It’s one of the reasons we homeschool. An actual course, recognized and awarded, might be a good place to start!