Any Key Music System’s Product Reviews

Any Key Music System – Age 6+ – $199.99 and up – Free trial lessons

Robert Chambers, the founder of Any Key Music System (AKMS™) is on a mission-to have 1,000,000 individual testimonials of successful AKMS™ students. The program is good-he might get there!

The Any Key Music System teaches students (any aged) to play music by ear-within a year (provided they go through the course and practice)–whether they start the program with musical knowledge or not. The Full Any Key Music System consists of 16 CDs + 3 Booklets:

  • Volume 1 “The Foundation” – (4 CDs + 1 Booklet)
  • Volume 2 “Numbers & ear Training” – (3 CDs + 1 Booklet)
  • Volume 3 “Melodies & Ear Training” – (4 CDs)
  • Volume 4 “Chords 1” – (5 CDs + 1 Booklet)

Volume 1 & 2 are:

  • For those who have little or no musical background-for beginners
  • For those who have problems remembering notes
  • For those who can’t play every song in every key with ease
  • For those who can’t play by ear

Volumes 2, 3, 4 are:

  • For those who have a minimum of grade 6 classical piano experience
  • For those with average to good musical background who can play all their major
    minor and diminished chords and major scales
  • For those who play by ear and use only 3 chords, and for those who can’t play in every key

The approximate time frame to complete each level of the Any Key Music System is as follows-and assumes students are consistently giving 25 minutes a day to the program–

  • Level 1 = 2-3 months
  • Level 2 = 2-3 months
  • Level 3 = 3-4 months
  • Level 4 = 6-8 months

My personal comments include-

  • The Any Key Music System starts off VERY elementary-it’s good for kids with NO musical experience. They get acquainted with their own fingers, with the keyboard, learn the musical alphabet, etc. And I absolutely love the game Rob Says!
  • Since this is a by-ear program, listening is paramount-and rewinding, fast forwarding and pausing during a lesson are VERY important. Doing so allows students to go at their own pace-and allows students to truly master one lesson before going to the next. This is the perfect format for ear-training.
  • Mr. Chambers’ voice is kind and encouraging-which is important in an ear-program. I hadn’t thought of this before I started the lessons-but it is certainly true.
  • Mr. Chambers course is extremely affordable-you really get so much-a year’s worth of materials!

You can take his free lessons here–

I don’t love his website (a new one site is on the horizon)-but I do love his product!