Arcademics Homeschool Product Review

Arcademics– Grades 1-6, Free-$20/month

Academics + Arcade=Fun Learning!

Boost student engagement with free multiplayer educational games and much MORE!

Arcademic Skill Builders taps into the excitement of video games to engage students and help develop their skill sets in basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills. The games certainly are fun! Your children will want to be on this site a lot (you might be prying them away from the keyboard)!

The Arcademic games challenge students to respond quickly over a series of short, timed trials. The aim is to increase the rate of correct responses and decrease error rate until correct responses become automatic. The Arcademicapproach is based on the following principles:

  • Repetitious drill can be fun-not boring! Games can increase the time-on-task for drills and increase engagement through competition.
  • Games can be challenging and students respond positively to challenge.
  • Immediate corrective feedback facilitates improvement in performance. Students can quickly see mistakes and know how to correct them.

You can check out Arcademic free games at, and their Arcademics Plus system at The Plus system provides custom games, data reports (useful!), lesson videos (very helpful), and more.

With Arcademics Plus, you can log in and create game assignments for your kids to play.  Your children can log in, play the assigned games, earn achievements, and view lesson videos on missed problems.  Then you can view data reports on their performance, and assign games with customized content as desired/needed.  Here’s a how-to video for using Arcademics Plus —

With both the free and the subscription services, you can be assured your kids are completely safe while playing the games. It is impossible for anyone outside your home to contact your child. In multiplayer games, if your child starts a ‘private’ game, then only players that know the password (created by your child) can join the game. If your child starts a ‘public’ game, then any player from outside can join the game, but there is absolutely no contact between the two. I enjoy watching my son and his friends play Arcademic games-and I appreciate that they’re safe! Also, Arcademics monitors player names and blocks inappropriate names created by students. My son tried numerous monikers that were blocked, before he typed in an accepted one (he has a funny/odd-and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor)!

If your child is using an iPad, s/he can play the assigned games on the Arcademics iPad app: —it’s very convenient.

Nothing to lose–and so much to gain-if your kids love it! And I think they will!