Arcadia Kids’s Product Reviews

Arcadia KidsAges 3 – 12

Arcadia Kids, part of Arcadia Publishing, has a new series of fun, colorful, destination oriented books, entitled Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know .

Children learn best when learning is fun, and the colorful photographs, dynamic graphics, and kid-friendly facts in these easy-to-read books add up to an irresistible package.

These fun and entertaining books are available for the following cities:
Atlanta, GA | Buffalo, NY | Charleston, SC | Cincinnati, OH
Dallas, TX | Houston, TX | Orlando, FL | Tampa, FL

Forthcoming books will cover the cities of Columbus, OH; Columbia, SC; Austin, San Antonio, Savannah, Jacksonville, Rochester, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, Boston, and Chicago.
What a fun book to get your kids, prior to travelling to one of these cities (it would be a great book to read en route), or better yet, to highlight their own home town!

And did you know (from the Charleston, SC book)–

  • More than 125 Revolutionary War battles were fought on South Carolina soil.
  • Myrtle Beach is the Miniature Golf Capital of the world. There are about 50 courses, some complete with dragons, airplanes and fire-spewing volcanoes!
  • South Carolina has blackwater rivers – these are slow moving rivers with a lot of natural debris (leaves and other plant material). The decaying plant material turns the water a dark color.
  • Every horse in Charleston, SC, that pulls a horse-drawn carriage, wears a diaper!

Yes – these are fun and informational books!

Arcadia is a leading publisher of local and regional historical books. Arcadia Publishing has more than 6,500 titles in print. Additional information can be found at