Be Cool Wiz Homeschool Product Review’s Product Reviews

Ages K – 12th Grade

Be Cool Wiz

Want to “polite up the world” by teaching your children social skills and team work skills in a uniquely comprehensive, systematic, and memorable way? You can with Be Cool Wiz. This resource offers 52 different lessons (465+ activities!) to teach social skills and basic English for learning ESL. Plus, they offer a Bible version.

Following, are the many things I like about this product:

  • It is very thorough. There are so many topics – 52 sets of polite social skill activities, including how to greet others (lesson 1), how to respect others’ property (lesson 6), being polite with time (13), how to say sorry, forgive and be honest (26), how to make polite table conversation (35), how to handle rejection (41), and how to prevent or resolve conflict gracefully (51).
  • Each of the topics comes with introductions to the activities; prop ideas for those who wish to act the lesson out (great idea!), or do more practice/real life applications; and 12 printable supplements.
  • The lessons allow children to learn in a FUN, playful, colorful, animated way – the way kids like to learn. Be Cool Wiz lessons include music, sound effects, male and female voice, and humor.
  • The product covers virtually every age group, with versions for ages 5-8, 9-13 and 14+.
  • It’s in English and Spanish.
  • There are extra items if your kids love the program (t-shirts, etc).
  • The product is designed by a former teacher/author/illustrator, as well as teacher and PhD advisors and contributors. They took the best from psychology, manners, counseling, law, business and education.
  • The price! It’s only $25 for a 3 year license.

    As a parent, you’ll want to sit with your younger children as they go through the lessons, so you can explain why incorrect answers are incorrect, and why correct answers are better options. You’ll have the opportunity to delve into a lesson as much as you’d like to/need to, to ensure your children develop the good manners we all value.

    With Be Cool Wiz, you can give your children an advantage in life with social skills, life skills and manners!