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Best Beginnings: Birth – 3 Years by Dr. Brenda Hussey-Gardner

VORT Corporation ( is a publisher of family-centered curriculum and I am reviewing their Best Beginnings: Birth-3 Years book in PDF format (© 2016). This 242-page PDF-book is a wonderful resource for child-rearing information and includes activities and suggestions that parents can implement to foster their child’s development. It’s a GREAT resource for:

  • First time parents
  • ANY parents of young children (Birth to 3 years/36 months)
  • About-to-be-Grandparents/Grandparents of young children (Birth to 3 years/36 months)

My children are grown, and I’m amazed at how child-rearing has changed! Don’t get me wrong – my kids turned out GREAT. But if I hadn’t read this book, I most likely would have repeated the things I did when raising my kids (and when watching my grandkids) – and I would have given potentially inappropriate parenting advice/suggestions to my adult children. That’s because new and updated research differs from the information we were given 25 years ago. For instance, here are some paraphrased examples from Best Beginnings: Birth-3 Years:

  • NO bottles in the crib. Not even milk. I knew not to give my kids juice bottles – but when I was a new Mom, giving milk bottles was OK. It turns out milk bottles are not OK. They cause tooth decay and ear issues. My daughter was plagued with ear aches – not as a baby, but as a child. Does it date back to bottles in the crib? Gosh, I hope not!
  • Don’t put cereal in the milk unless otherwise instructed by the baby’s doctor. I certainly did this. It was believed a baby would stay fuller longer and sleep better. Today, doctors sometimes prescribe this for babies with reflux when positioning modifications are not effective –it’s an alternative prior to trying medication.
  • Don’t use a drop side crib. The crib I used was definitely a drop sided crib – and it met and exceeded all the safety requirements of the time. Gone is the day when we can pass down cribs from one generation to another. That applies to car seats, toys, etc.
  • Latest research shows a decrease in SIDS when babies sleep alone, on their back, with a pacifier. This one really impacted me. I was an anti-pacifier Mom. I was told it was bad for the children’s teeth and might result in the need for braces later on. My kids NEVER had a pacifier (they never wanted one), and wouldn’t you know, both my kids needed braces!

Other helpful info from Best Beginnings: Birth-3 Years:

  • How to rub a baby’s tummy if she has a stomach ache
  • How to combat a picky eater – for instance, what to feed your child if he doesn’t like meat
  • How to teach your child to use the stairs
  • How many words your children should be saying at a certain age (this is really important when evaluating developmental delays)
  • Plus SO MUCH more!

Want more reasons to like this PDF-book?

  • As mentioned, ALL the information is important and comprehensive
  • Easy-to-follow information on every-day activities
  • Written from the child’s point-of-view which parents love
  • Well organized both by topic and by age. Topics include: Adaptive (self-help), Social Emotional, Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills, Language, Gross Motor Skills, Eating, Sleeping and Guiding Behavior
  • Easy-to-use: Cross-reference Index by Age and Topic
  • Safety tips are provided throughout
  • Appendix and reference pages are very helpful
  • Convenient: All 242 pages at your fingertips; use PDF “Find” to jump to a specific page
  • Print pages directly from the PDF book
  • Each PDF page is personalized for the family (e.g., “The Jones Family, Baltimore, Maryland”)

I really enjoyed this material. It’s a good reference to have on hand, and certainly one that all new parents should read.

Available only in PDF format from VORT Corporation at: