A subscription box that teaches coding!

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Bitsbox is a subscription box that teaches boys and girls ages 6-12 how to code. Every month, a box of crazy fun app projects come in the mail. Kids use the projects to build games, simulations, puzzles, and more! They build the apps on the Bitsbox website, and their apps work on real phones and tablets. Each month introduces a new computer science concept, so the longer kids code with Bitsbox, the more they learn!

This is perfect for homeschool families, children can learn to code on their own! It builds great engagement and students using it love the program. It gives immediate results so students can see what their efforts create.

The Bitsbox arrives in the mail each month and is packed full of options for your budding coder to begin, and the best part you can cancel at any time.

Grade Level: 4-12-year-olds
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: individual learning
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method: eclectic
Learning styles: interactive, hands-on
Format: monthly subscription box