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Bookemon.com is a website where you (your kids) can create your/their own custom books—it's a great way to add creativity, technology, and fun to any homeschool program. Just

  • Create a FREE account – credit card information is not requested (of course, they're hoping at some point, you'll want to purchase one of your creations, but it's not necessary)
  • Upload pictures and type in desired text. You can start from scratch or use their templates
  • Save eBooks for FREE or order (and pay for) printed copies
  • E-mail your newly made books to friends, family, teachers, mentors, etc

Bookemon even has an area on their site specifically for educators--a secure spot for school projects. It can be found here. Regarding the Bookemon's Educator Program:

  • It's free to create your own edCenter, a secure, private online environment to make school (homeschool) books & school projects collaboratively
  • As a member, you receive special 10% discounts to purchase your own books (if you decide to do so)
  • You also receive up to a 40% discount when purchasing a Young Author Press package (only if desired—not necessary)
  • It's easy to use management tools in the edCenter – to oversee student activities

What I especially like—

  • The Bookemon site and the bookPress app are free—something homeschoolers appreciate
  • Want to share your final Bookemon product? You can easily e-mail it to family and friends
  • The making app on iPad (bookPress ) lets you share your book or pages with your family and friends using Twitter or Facebook. Kids really like this option
  • Young Author Press lets young authors (K-12) publish their stories and writings in full color books with ISBN-13. Your kids can be recognized as published authors

I went onto the site, and quickly made a book using their template—it's a short, cute book that includes pictures of my pets. The template was for 20 pages—I didn't have that many pictures—it was easy to delete pages and make a much smaller book. It was also easy to experiment, and fix any mistakes (I made a few). I then e-mailed the book to myself and received the following e-mail from Bookemon—
My e-mail address has invited you to view this book with the following message:
"this is cool"
To read the book or purchase, use the book link below:
Read Book Online (it was linked, but I removed the link for this review)
To read the book on your iPad, install the
bookPress app and click on the following link:
Read Book on iPad (again, I removed the link).
This activity was fun. I felt creative—even using their template.
This is a great way for your kids to share assignments/projects with you, their grandparents, and others. They'll be proud of the end results. They'll WANT to make books as part of a book report, state report, biography, etc. They'll probably make birthday, holiday and sports books in their spare time. You might even find yourself using Bookemon time as a reward—as kids will want to be on it so much.
Fun. And fun learning is forever learning!

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