Bookemon’s Product Reviews

Elementary–Adults is a website where you (your kids) can create your/their own custom books—it’s a great way to add creativity, technology, and fun to any homeschool program. Just

  • Create a FREE account – credit card information is not requested (of course, they’re hoping at some point, you’ll want to purchase one of your creations, but it’s not necessary)
  • Upload pictures and type in desired text. You can start from scratch or use their templates
  • Save eBooks for FREE or order (and pay for) printed copies
  • E-mail your newly made books to friends, family, teachers, mentors, etc

Bookemon even has an area on their site specifically for educators–a secure spot for school projects. It can be found here. Regarding the Bookemon’s Educator Program:

  • It’s free to create your own edCenter, a secure, private online environment to make school (homeschool) books & school projects collaboratively
  • As a member, you receive special 10% discounts to purchase your own books (if you decide to do so)
  • You also receive up to a 40% discount when purchasing a Young Author Press package (only if desired—not necessary)
  • It’s easy to use management tools in the edCenter – to oversee student activities

What I especially like—

  • The Bookemon site and the bookPress app are free—something homeschoolers appreciate
  • Want to share your final Bookemon product? You can easily e-mail it to family and friends
  • The making app on iPad (bookPress ) lets you share your book or pages with your family and friends using Twitter or Facebook. Kids really like this option
  • Young Author Press lets young authors (K-12) publish their stories and writings in full color books with ISBN-13. Your kids can be recognized as published authors

I went onto the site, and quickly made a book using their template—it’s a short, cute book that includes pictures of my pets. The template was for 20 pages—I didn’t have that many pictures—it was easy to delete pages and make a much smaller book. It was also easy to experiment, and fix any mistakes (I made a few). I then e-mailed the book to myself and received the following e-mail from Bookemon—

My e-mail address has invited you to view this book with the following message:
“this is cool”

To read the book or purchase, use the book link below:
Read Book Online (it was linked, but I removed the link for this review)

To read the book on your iPad, install the bookPress app and click on the following link:
Read Book on iPad (again, I removed the link).

This activity was fun. I felt creative—even using their template.

This is a great way for your kids to share assignments/projects with you, their grandparents, and others. They’ll be proud of the end results. They’ll WANT to make books as part of a book report, state report, biography, etc. They’ll probably make birthday, holiday and sports books in their spare time. You might even find yourself using Bookemon time as a reward—as kids will want to be on it so much.

Fun. And fun learning is forever learning!