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CollegeStartOnline – High School Juniors and Seniors

CollegeStartOnline provides one-on-one university and college admissions assistance including personal and supplemental essay writing, college search & strategy, interview coaching, resume building, counseling, guidance with independent research projects, and much, much, more. Plus, CollegeStartOnline has extensive experience helping homeschooled students!

With CollegeStartOnline students (and their parents) choose the desired level of assistance–the Common Application Package plus Additional Services as necessary. CollegeStartOnline’s two eBooks, How to Jumpstart the College Application Process and Writing the Common Application with Consistency, Initiative, Passion are provided to each student regardless of the level of assistance chosen–

Common Application Package

  1. Activity List

    Well-crafted descriptions of your student’s high school accomplishments – short, succinct, and powerful.

  2. Personal Essay

    A 650 word essay that conveys both your student’s personality and intellectual capabilities. This essay is strategic; bringing out the story in your student that will wake up the admissions committee.

  3. Additional Information Page

    With the new Common Application 4, this page is even more important than in past years. Add additional awards or explain why your student’s grades fell in one particular year.

  4. eBook

    How to Jumpstart the College Application Process
    A step-by-step approach explaining how to write the Common Application, prepare for an interview, and choose a college.

  5. Another eBook!

    Writing the Common Application with Consistency, Initiative, Passion
    A more focused look at the Common Application for 2013-14.

  6. Resume

    A professional document of your student’s academic and extracurricular activities – have your student take it to interviews and college fairs. Bonus – use resume for getting after-school and summer jobs!

Additional Services

  1. College Search & Strategy

    A matching and strategy process to put your student into the college of his/her choice! We create a checklist with a time table to keep your student focused – and so s/he does the right thing at the right time. This may be the most important part of the application process.

  2. Supplement Questions

    A further statement into what defines and distinguishes your student from every other person applying to college and what matches your student’s goals to the strengths of the individual college. Very important.

  3. Interview Coaching

    Mock interviews and an in-depth analysis of your student’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The first interview is with one coach who helps crafts your student’s answers; the second interview ( if needed) is with a different coach who gives your student a very formal interview, no stopping, just 25 minutes of straight questioning.

  4. Independent Research Projects – Key to Success

    If your student is applying to Ivies or on the bubble at any college, your research project puts your student into the “let’s take another look at this student”. Many colleges have now included a section in the supplement to elaborate on independent research.

CollegeStartOnline Helps Homeschool Students with the
College Admissions Process

Having worked with a number of homeschooled students over the last several years, CollegeStartOnline has found that there are some important additions to the Common Application that must be made. Homeschooled students apply in the same way that traditional high school students apply, but their applications should sparkle above and beyond.

CollegeStartOnline is good at making the application sparkle–they had a grand slam on all ivy league colleges this year!