Cooper Hill’s Product Reviews

High School – Adults

The Cooper Hill Stylebook 3rd Edition is a practical how-to American language sourcebook, perfect for high school and university students It’s available in ePub and Kindle digital formats and costs just $14.95 – a GREAT price for a writing manual that gets a 5 star rating on Amazon.

The sourcebook contains a specific and extensive index (really, you’ll be amazed at everything that is covered!), a Quick Key, great instructional info, and a Correction Key:

  • The Quick Key in the Stylebook lists by abbreviation the most common errors of student writers and is hyperlinked to directions on how to correct the error.
  • Each chapter of the Stylebook opens with a FAQ that defines a writing error in clear, student-tested language. This is followed by –
  • Examples of the problem and an explanation of each example
  • Exercises dealing with the error
  • Hyperlinked answers that give instant feedback
  • An explanation of why the answers are reasonable
  • The Correction Key lists the errors by name and chapter number, and allows students to
  • Hyperlink to the chapter where they will discover the problem, as well as an explanation
  • Apply a step-by-step correction
  • So, this is the great part – when your student makes a writing error, all you do is jot down the name of the error and/or the chapter number where it’s explained. One click then takes your student directly to the explanation of the problem. It’s quick, easy, and effective.What I like about this resource –
  • It is SO thorough! 827 pages of important/useful information! This includes 1,000 practice exercises with answers and explanations.
  • It helps turn students into independent learners/self-teachers
  • It helps turns novices into polished writers
  • It’s helpful in studying for the SAT and ACT
  • As a teacher, your memory will be refreshed, especially if you’re like me and you know what does and doesn’t sound right, but you’ve totally forgotten the definition of a past participle.
  • As a teacher, it cuts your correcting time in half (maybe more?)
  • It can be used on a computer or a tablet
  • It’s certainly affordable – just $14.95 PLUS additional Bonus Bank of tests and quizzes is available for free to individual homeschooling parents.
  • You can view a sample before you purchase
  • On the web site,
    • There are various How-to videos that walk you through the book
    • You can examine 80 free pages
    • You can read reviews from users

Really, this is an amazing resource. If it was priced at $99, people would still purchase it! At $14.95, it’s a steal. Available for purchase at a single click at