Create! Press’s Product Reviews

Upper Elementary—High School

Create! Press, is a company started by two educators with the goal of developing unique and fun educational products that teach the process of learning. All of their products are designed to help students visualize, conceptualize, store, and retrieve concepts easily—with fun included in every box! And you know, at, we think fun and learning should go hand in hand.

Before I begin the review, I’d like to start with a personal statement. I truly believe that all kids need to write well. It impacts their academic life through college as well as their future occupational opportunities. A program like this, that gets students writing when they’re young, is so very, very important.

I reviewed their entire program, the Writing Adventures®: The Complete System.

This is an amazingly thorough and complete writing program that offers a fun, highly structured, and systematic approach to writing. I think just about any student can learn to write, and learn to write well using this systematic approach.

Writing Adventures®: The Complete System includes all of the following–

  • Create-A-Story: The Creative Writing Game –this game makes story writing kid’s play! This game helps kids structure a story, develop characters and plots, use dialogue, set up conflict and resolution, and more.
  • Stepping Stones: The Expository Writing Game—kids learn the difference between informative, persuasive, operational, and compare and contrast essays, as well as the who, what, when, where, and how of each style.
  • Writing Adventures Workbook I—25 lessons, review exercises, an answer key and more. The book starts with how to write basic, simple sentences and progresses to how to write outlines, plot worksheets and more.
  • Writing Adventures Workbook II—23 lessons, review exercises, an answer key and more. Helps build writing skills from complex sentences to informative paragraphs and essays.
  • Writing Adventures Game Pack—NINE games that reinforce concepts taught in the Writing Adventure Workbooks.
  • Writing Adventures Graphic Organizer Pad—helps students complete a writing assignment, by making it easy and logical.
  • Writing Adventures Poster
  • Teacher’s Manual—Lots of info here!

Overall Benefits of this program:

  • Can use with other writing programs
  • Good for one-on-one instruction or for small groups. Works well in a classroom too—for homeschool co-op situations
  • Designed for students of varying levels including those with learning differences
  • Great for upper elementary students, and effective as a remedial writing program for middle school and high school students as well
  • Writing Adventures® is not necessarily grade based, it is skill based.  That means a family can use the same lesson/plan with different grade levels.  The difference would be the vocabulary and language used by individual students
  • The Plans from the Teacher’s Manual are re-used year after year and applied to different writing assignments.  The Plans outline the process, so they are always relevant
  • Overlap of content builds extra practice and mastery
  • Develops oral as well as written language skills
  • Makes the writing process logical –each step in the writing process is a step in a game.  Clear beginning and ending points set up students for success
  • Encourages creativity through an understanding of structure
  • Builds a strong foundation for lifelong writing skills

The Writing Adventures® products can be purchased individually or as a complete set. If you purchase the entire Writing Adventures system, you save 10% off the cost of buying the products separately. The entire system costs $220. You get SO much for that price–I believe it’s worth it.

Plus, teaching your kids to write well (while having fun along the way)—is priceless!