Creativity Express’s Product Reviews

Why is an arts education important?
“Because an arts education develops important cognitive and visual skills,
leading to overall academic improvement.”

Creativity Express is an animated, online art education curriculum. It is a collaboration between, museum professionals, top educators, and skilled former Disney and (former) DreamWorks animators. In other words–this is a top notch product! It’s also fun, educational, and award winning.

There are three progressive components to Creativity Express: sayART, seeART, and doART. Children are introduced to fundamental art principles and ideas in sayART, discover meaning and interpretation in seeART and explore self-expression in doART.

The Creativity Express program offers engaging lessons with animated characters, followed by interactive activities to strengthen understanding of the ideas presented, plus so much more!

  • 16 lessons — a full year’s curriculum containing animated movies and interactive activities. The lessons are Art as Language, Messages In Art, Emphasis, Value, Color, Making Paint, Warm & Cool Colors, Line, Portraits, Movement, Time, Eyes, Shape & Form, Museums, 0+1+1+2+3, and Inspiration. You can view screenshots of the lessons here.
  • The sixteen-lesson curriculum (it’s recommended that families start a lesson every one-two weeks), focuses on the ways that artists visually convey messages and ideas. Each lesson looks at artwork in context with other relevant facts, including historical events and technological developments that influenced the art work. Lessons are taught with a contextual approach that makes art more relevant to kids’ daily lives.
  • This big-picture approach lends itself well to the study of other academic subjects–the lessons are able to make important cross-curricular connections to history, math, science, writing, and other disciplines. This is really a plus, especially for homeschoolers that want to take this information and “run with it”, focusing on topics of importance to their children
  • Creativity Builders are art projects at the end of each lesson module that can be completed using either traditional art materials or a digital painting program. These art projects give students hands-on experience and an opportunity to express their own creativity, while using the knowledge gained from the lesson. There are 32 Creativity Builders, two for each of the 16 lessons, and Creativity Builders Lesson Plans are available. The Creativity Builders Lesson Plans are correlated with the online doART sections of Creativity Express. Lessons begin with an overview, specific teaching objectives, class time needed, materials needed, and more.
  • Due to all the above, parents can easily teach the lesson as well as the hands-on portion of the program, even if they don’t have an art background. If interested, parents can learn right along with their child!
  • An assessment rubric available.
  • Artist cards and puzzle pieces are rewards for online challenges (the Artist cards give students insight into the biographies of the masters—very informative).
  • My Portfolio lets kids upload, title, and display artwork inspired by the Creativity Express lessons and Creativity Builder projects.
  • Virtual Gallery of Master Artworks introduces children to various art collections worldwide. This is very educational.
  • An Art Glossary contains a comprehensive list of art terms and definitions.
  • A lot of fun along the way–Creativity Express utilizes humor, animation (the polar bear is darling) and storytelling in all of their lessons. Plus, the interactivity of the program and the many incentives and rewards (mentioned above) contribute to the overall fun.

Want to learn more? You can find more information on the full-year curriculum on this link.

Animated… Interactive… Thorough… Loads of Fun… Art Education
Creativity Express