The Alphabet Song Game from The Critical Thinking Co’s Product Reviews


The Alphabet Song Game™ is an easy and effective way for little ones to learn the alphabet. The collection of 22 easy-to-play games teaches students the names and shapes of both uppercase and lowercase letters. It also helps students distinguish between similar looking letters, mirrored letters, and reverse letters. Students can play independently and parents can easily monitor their progress/success in each of the 22 games.

I played the game, and I believe that small children will like it—and they will play it until they learn/master the alphabet.

Things I particularly like about this game—

  • It’s free (we all appreciate that!)
  • I imagine its VERY effective – I can see a little one enjoying it—being a “big kid” and learning on the computer like his/her siblings
  • The woman’s voice is pleasant—it sounds like a Mom’s voice
  • The game starts off easy and become progressively more difficult
  • The player can choose whether she would like to play the same game again or choose a more difficult version
  • When you choose an incorrect answer, you are not met with an irritating buzz or anything negative, telling you you’re wrong — the song is just quiet
  • Kids cheer when you finish/get to Z
  • There is a TON of repetition

The things I don’t like about this—are the things that make it effective—so really, I can’t not like them:

  • There is SO much repetition. But then again….it’s important/necessary
  • The song! Again, this has to do with repetition—it will drive you nuts the 20th time you hear it. But, when your child sings it….I imagine it will bring a smile to your face!

SO in short, this game/song might drive you a little crazy—but since it’s just what your child needs, you’ll be happy to hear it 22 and more times.

I recommend this game for little ones—I do believe they’ll learn their letters from playing it.