CTC Math


CTCMath is an interactive online math curriculum used by over 210,000 students. Provides over 57,000 interactive questions and over 1,367 animated lessons ranging from K to 12.

CTC Math
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Author: Pat Murray

CTC Math is a full math curriculum for grades K through 12th and is not aligned with Common Core. CTC Math believes in the importance of teaching Math the traditional way. Students should have the freedom to choose their preferred method of working. The math topics covered by the CTC Math program include Pre Algebra through Calculus as well as elementary through middle school math.

With CTC Math families get access to all grades and lessons. This makes reviewing the concepts easy and allows students to move around. There are also placement tests that enable homeschool families to find out exactly where their students are at and where they need to begin within the CTC Math lessons. CTC Math is refreshingly different because it teaches math the traditional way!

Pat Murray began CTC Math out of a love for teaching math! When quizzed about the advantages of taking a multi-sensory approach to teaching, Pat is strong in his beliefs: “Any time you can engage students on multiple levels, where you encourage students to use some or all of their senses, the level they understand, how much they can retain, all of this increases significantly. This is one area where the experts have got it right.”

If you like to try before you buy, CTC Math offers a free trial so that you can easily check out the program.

Grade Level: all grades
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: individual
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method: none in particular
Learning styles: multisensory
Format: online courses