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$20-$35/month provides online high school and university level courses in the subjects of Math (Basic to College), Science (Middle School through AP Physics), Language, Music Theory, Programming, Software Training, and Test Prep. Do you have precocious tweens? They’ll like the classes too! As a parent, you will as well! Really, they have something for everyone!
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I like for a number of reasons, including–

  • As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to ALL courses!  A high school student interested in AP courses can take AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP English Language & Composition. A college student studying the sciences can check out an Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry courses. Or, a stay-at-home Mom can learn about WordPress Blogging. Again, there is something for everyone.
  • The classes are thorough.
    • Multiple examples are worked out and explained during each lecture.
    • Detailed notes accompany each lecture (Wowza – I really appreciate this!).
    • Underneath each video there is an interactive comment section moderated by the instructor so every question is answered.
    • The search engine and detailed syllabus make it easy for a student to locate (down to the second) when an instructor covers a particular subject/idea. Thus, if a student has a particular question, or wants to review something, it’s very easy to do so.
    • If you need to review the entire lesson/class you can do so as many times as you’d like.
  • The courses are taught by effective teachers, either college professors or professional tutors.
  • Since it is online, you can take a class 24/7. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Cost – for less than the cost of one hour of private tutoring, you can receive unlimited access to all of the courses. A Monthly Subscriptions is $45 for the first month, and then $35 per month thereafter. Half Annual Subscriptions are $180 lump sum for 6 months ($30/month) and an Annual Subscription is $300 lump sum for 12 months ($25/month). Both Half Annual and Annual Subscriptions are non-recurring.

I’ve taken a number of courses over the last two years – so I haven’t used the site once for a product review – I have REALLY used the site. The last course I took was a WordPress course, and even though I’ve been blogging for for years, I learned something new from the class. I think I’ll take a Ruby Rails programming class next (or at least part of the class). My son talks about Ruby Rails a lot, and I know almost nothing about it. It will be fun to surprise him with my newfound knowledge!

Great courses at a great value—for just about everyone!