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Ages 3 – 6

EQ = Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence includes: reading social cues, self-motivation, delaying gratification, coping with life’s ups and downs, managing relationships, decision making, and problem solving.

A growing body of research suggests that improved emotional intelligence in children leads to readiness for school and may likely to lead to life success – career, relationships, health and happiness.

EQtainment provides fun activities for improving your child’s emotional intelligence, for practicing social skills and for improving your child’s overall behavior. These products are perfect for young children, 3-6 (and beyond).

Their products can be purchased singularly or as a bundle. We received, and we are reviewing the EQtainment combo package pictured below.

The bundle includes:

  • a board game
  • story book/CD
  • cards
  • a plush animal
  • a coloring book

The main character in all of these items is a dusty leaf monkey named Q. He is one of the smartest monkeys in the world – he can make phenomenal inventions – but he still needs to learn a lot about life. For instance, he needs to learn how to share, to help others, to recognize social cues, etc. – all life skills that children need to learn too.

In the board game Q’s Race to the Top, children help Q race to the top of his tree house by answering questions and performing fun activities. The questions are designed to promote feeling identification and verbalization; good manners; social skills; creative thinking; balance; and coordination.

The board game includes 150 fun question and action cards; the first storybook, Q’s Wild Ride; 4 colorful Q Monkey figurines; 1 big green dice, and a colorful game board featuring Q’s treehouse.

The to-go card pack offers 90 question and activity cards (like those above), and packages them in a convenient carrying case.

The storybook/CD combo is great way for kids to practice their reading and listening skills, and to learn social skills as well. The CD includes the author’s narration, page-turn signals, and sound effects. 

With the coloring book, kids can help Q navigate important social scenarios. The coloring book coordinates with the book mentioned above, but it also contains additional teaching opportunities.

The plush Q is a stuffed animal friend that helps children develop focus (via a simple breathing exercise).

There are many things about the EQtainment products that we like!


All of the products are attractive and of very good quality. You will like them – and your kids will too.

With the board game – kids have an opportunity to answer questions and perform fun actions that improve their EQ.

Players can take as much time as they’d like to answer questions/practice the activities. As the parent, you can determine what is important to you/your family – and spend more time on these scenarios/cards (always a plus!).

The cards include –

  • What does it mean to be brave? Are you brave? Give an example.
  • Have you ever told on someone? Talk about when it is okay and not okay to tell on someone.
  • Hop on one leg 20 times. Now try the other leg 20 times.
  • Q felt jealous because his sister Mila got a brand new scooter and he didn’t have one. Have you ever felt jealous?
  • And more.

The game is colorful and attractive. The play pieces are cute – even the dice are cute!

As with the board game, the card game provides kids an opportunity to answer questions and perform fun actions that improve their EQ.

The cards are housed in a cute, colorful tin, which is the perfect size for little hands, or a Mom’s purse. I’m a fan of toys that come with their own storage capabilities.

The storybook/Cd and the coloring book coordinate with one another and can be used together. This is a plus. In our opinion, the coloring book is a must-have as part of this set.

Coloring book questions include:

  • Q worked very hard to invent a robot that helps his mom clean the house. What simple things can Q do himself to help his mom out with cleaning?
  • Q sometimes cuts in front of his siblings to go down the slide because he doesn’t like to wait. What is wrong with cutting in front of other kids?
  • How do you think Q is feeling in this picture? Circle one or more.
  • Lead Q on his hovercraft through the maze to get to his baby sister, Nugget.
  • Circle the words that begin with the letter Q.
  • And more.

I love when a stuffed animal is associated with any educational product – and kids do too! This monkey = darling!

The price is affordable – for individual products and for the bundle.

Want to learn more? You can see videos of the products here.

BTW – EQtainment will be launching their Q Wunder App in mid-September. It will contain 24 episodes of their kids show, 13 original songs with music videos, games and podcasts for parents = additional ways parents and teachers can use EQtainment’s products in helping develop emotional intelligence.